Friday, March 7, 2014

Efforts of Prince Rupert student spur UNBC to commemoration of murder of Nova Scotia student

Events on the far side of Canada, resonated with UNBC student and Prince Rupert resident Jessie Capri-King so much that she took to action, seeking to have the Prince George based university to commemorate the death of a young Inuk woman in New Brunswick.

The story of the murder of Loretta Saunders, a student at Halifax's Saint Mary's University, so touched the Prince Rupert student, that she contacted  took a request to University officials. Asking that UNBC lower the flag at the Prince George campus in memory of Saunders death.

Capri-King took her request first through university staff, who then approached administration to follow through on her request, shortly after UNBC  had joined many other groups and organizations across the country who were offering similar remembrances.

UNBC lowers flag in memory of Loretta Saunders

Ms. Capri-King is a PhD Student at the University, a focus of some of her study at UNBC, is on the theme of injustice that aboriginal women face in Canada.

With UNBC on the Highway of Tears and with a large number of the student body of First Nation heritage, it is hoped that commemorating the tragic death of a young aboriginal student in New Brunswick, will provide a message of support from the West Coast to the east.

Vigils in memory of the young New Brunswick woman has been observed across Canada this week, including one on Parliament Hill that served to call attention to the issue of missing and murdered aboriginal women.

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