Monday, March 3, 2014

Vancouver Trucker's dispute could drive port traffic to Fairview Terminals

Percolating Labour troubles at terminals with the Port of Vancouver, could soon make for an increase of work for long shore workers with Fairview Terminals in Prince Rupert.

Over the weekend Vancouver truckers voted unanimously in favour of strike action, providing their union with the mandate to issue a 72 hour strike notice to port employers.

Discussions between Port operators and both unionized and non-union truck drivers operating at Vancouver area Ports have become significantly more distanced over the last week.

Last Wednesday, hundreds of non-unionized truck drivers walked off the job, the start of week long disruptions to Metro Port Vancouver operations. 

Since that time, developments on the roads leading to the waterfront have become a little more complicated and at times quite heated in Vancouver.

A representative of one of Canada's largest unions Unifor, suggested that strike action in Vancouver could  start early this week. Unifor delivered word of their mandate, through a press release on Saturday. a vote that delivered 100 percent support for a strike.

Should the Port of Vancouver and its assorted terminals be shut down owing to the labour dispute, shipping companies will be scrambling to find alternative port berths to deliver their loads. 

Prince Rupert would be the only Western Canadian option that they would have.  Another potential destination for global shipping companies could be port facilities in the states of Washington, Oregon and California. 

Any potential labour disruption at Vancouver would probably bring a quick Federal response, such is the importance of that port to the national economy. Still any disruption at all, could make for an interesting situation for the very competitive shipping industry. 

One that could provide for larger problems for Vancouver's ports when it comes to market share  over the long term.
CKNW-- Vancouver truckers vote 100% in favour of a strike

Update March 7:

Reports out of Vancouver suggest a solution has been found to the labour dispute facing Port Metro Vancouver.

Business in Vancouver-- Unionized port truckers call of strike; deal in works for UTA members

Updates post March 8:

Well that was quick, reports out of Vancouver suggest that the trucking deal has been rejected.

CBC-- Port Metro Vancouver Strike underway
Vancouver Sun-- Container Truckers union vote to reject Port Metro Vancouver deal

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