Monday, June 9, 2014

Council to receive Breakdown on Civic Payroll and Officials Remuneration tonight

The last of the Spring financial reviews for City Council will be delivered tonight, as Corinne Bomben, the City's Financial Officer presents a Report featuring the Statement of Financial Information for the year ended on December 31st, 2013.

The Report is the last of the required disclosure reports and features a breakdown on a number of financial items, including Civic salaries for the year just past, as well as the Schedule of Elected Officials Remuneration.

In 2013 the price tag on salaries and expenses for Prince Rupert Council members provided for a total amount of $159,037.

Mayor Jack Mussallem received the largest single amount of that amount, with Salary and Taxable Benefits of $42,474 with Expenses of $23,718 for a total of $66,192.

The breakdown of Councillors remuneration and Expenses was as follows:

Councillor Nelson Kinney           Salary $13,180 - Expenses $6,699
Total-- $19,879

Councillor Anna Ashley              Salary $13,180 - Expenses $4,119
Total-- $17,299

Councillor Gina Garon                Salary  $13,180 - Expenses $3,387
Total-- $16,567

Councillor Judy Carlick-Pearson Salary $13,180 - Expenses  $2,966
Total-- $16,146

Councillor Joy Thorkelson           Salary $13,180 - Expenses  $1,722
Total-- $14,902 

With Councillor Rice moving on to Provincial politics in May, her spot on Council was vacant until the fall of 2013; with Councillor Cunningham elected and taking up his duties at that time.

The breakdown on their figures is below:

Councillor Rice                              Salary $6,083 - Expenses  $1,462
Total -- $7,545

Councillor Cunningham                 Salary    $507 - Expenses $0        
Total -- $507

The Report does not however provide a review as to the nature of information on the expense side of the Mayor and Council's efforts, leaving that as a lump sum amount.

In some municipalities across the country, reporting on expenses includes a thumbnail guideline as to where the spending was allocated, normally on a quarterly basis.

Making that background part of the information flow to residents, normally available and easily accessible on a civic website data base.

Perhaps that prospect may make for a topic of future discussion from Council on the ongoing themes of transparency and accountability. After all, it is an item that has been raised by Council members before.

As per legislation, the Statement of Financial Information also requires documentation of Civic employees, both union and non-union, making over $75,000 per year.

In 2013, the salaries of City Council members and Civic Employees accounted for a total of 12 million dollars, 305 thousand and 600 dollars.

One quarter of that amount, or $4,213,104 was allocated to those earning between 75,000 and up to just above 130,000 dollars.

Of the 45 listed in the Report receiving salary of more than 75,000 dollars, 20 earned between 75,000 and 90,000 dollars.

Another 14 collected salaries between 90,000 and 100,000.

7 had an annual salary between 100,000 and 120,000 dollars, while 4 were listed at the top end earning over 120,000.

As for the rest of the Civic work force in 2013, the total remuneration for those at salaries below $75,000 came to a total of $7,977,532

Part of the Reporting process includes a Statement of the Schedule of Grants or Contributions for 2013 regarding a range of Community Groups and events, that total was reported as $1,471,694

The Report wraps up by providing a review of the 2013 Schedule of Supplier and Goods and Services to the City for items of note over $25,000.

The largest of those amounts included $2,992,684 allocated to the Receiver General and RCMP E Division, $827,390 to Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional District for Debenture Issues.

$680,142 was allocated to Manulife Financial, 587,575 to LED Roadway Lighting Ltd., $529,821 for Northwest Fuels and $414,232 to Valkyrie Law Group.

In total, the City spent $8,086,568 in Goods and Services in 2013.

The Full Report to be received by Council tonight is available here as part of the Agenda Package, it can be reviewed from pages 12--27.

For more items on developments at City Council see our archive page here.

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