Monday, June 2, 2014

Pinnacle Pellet reps to update Council regarding ongoing issues on June 9th

It was only a short mention at last week's City Council session, but for those with concerns over issues related to the Pinnacle Pellet plant development on the west side, June 9th is the date to circle on their calendar.

Councillor Barry Cunningham provided a quick update to Council last Monday, advising that representatives from the company would be appearing at the next council session (June 9th).

Perhaps providing some background to Council and local residents on their work to alleviate the concerns of those living on the west side of the city near the plant.

"I'm quite happy to hear today that Pinnacle is going to be coming to the next council session, I just wanted the public to know that they are responding to council's asking them to come, so we'll see what happens" -- Councillor Cunningham speaking on a planned presentation from Pinnacle Pellet to Prince Rupert Council.

Some of the residents in the area near the plant have been providing much in the way of discussion points for City Council since the plant went into full operation in the fall of 2013.

Among some of the items that they have presented to council over the last few months are, issues on dust, noise and of late concerns over smells that come from the plant which is still in its commissioning phase.

During his short update, the Councillor did not advise if members of the public would be offered the opportunity to ask questions of the Pinnacle representatives, or if it was more along the lines of other presentations of the past, where Council members relay the concerns of the public on issues of concern.

As Councillor Ashley has mentioned in the past, residents with such concerns, can make them known to the city councillors by email to seek out more information or add their comments to the list of items for discussion.

You can review the short advisory of Councillor Cunningham from the City's Video Archive, it takes place at the 1 hour twenty one minute mark.

We have more items available on our Industrial Development archive, to help refresh your memory on some of the past issues of concern regarding the west side pellet terminal.

For more items of note from Prince Rupert City Council see our archive page here.

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