Friday, June 27, 2014

Hecate Strait organization highlights services to Immigrant community

Monday night's Council session provided for a primer on what kind of services are currently available to newcomers to Canada that have settled in the Prince Rupert region.

Mr. Glenn Groulx, who leads a team on Immigrant Settlement Services at Hecate Strait Business Development, spoke to Council providing some background on the program which started in the community in April.

Through his presentation he outlined some of the programs and services that are offered at the 1st Avenue East offices.

Among the programs of note outlined to council were, Computer and Internet access, an English club
in partnership with the public library, field trips into the community and a number of social activities for newcomers to the city.

He further expanded on the Skills Connect for Immigrants Program, the Resource Library for Immigrants and how the organization connects with the immigrant community in the city.

Following the presentation, Council members were offered the opportunity to seek out further information on the services provided.

Councillor Kinney, started the question period by asking as to the number of immigrants that the Centre has provided service for in the last six months, Mr. Groulx outlined that so far in the year they have provided assistance to some 30 to 40 newcomers to the city.  He

Councillor Thorkelson offered up a few observations and questions on the theme of temporary foreign workers and immigrants to the community, asking what kind of guidance that the service provides to workers in the community regarding terms of employment rights and safety concerns.

Mr. Groulx outlined the scope of the mandate for the Organization and what it can provide to any newcomers to the community.

The full presentation can be found on the City's Video Archive starting at the 6 minute thirty second mark.

More background information on the program run through Hecate Strait can be found from their website.

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