Monday, June 2, 2014

Recreation Commission tapped to make decision on Skateboard stencil Art project

Last week during their Monday Council session, the Mayor and Council decided to shift a file of interest over to the newly created Recreation Commission.

Tasking that new community body to determine whether a proposed art project is suitable for the Prince Rupert skateboard location across from the Civic Centre.

The discussion came as part of the Correspondence for Action portion of the Monday session, as Council considered a letter from Charles Hays Secondary School Art Teacher, Antonio d'Emanuele who was seeking Councils approval for a project that would see students provide stencil art work for the park.

City Manager Robert Long provided the background on the proposal, which provided Council with the opportunity to discuss whether items such as this would be best forwarded to the Recreation Commission.

After a bit of conversation on that theme, Council decided to turn the proposal over to the Commission,
though Councillor Ashley did offer up the concern that the project is of a time sensitive nature with school about to end.

Councillor Garon also expressed her concerns that the previous art work at the site not be covered up as part of this new proposal and that the Recreation Commission examine that during their consideration of the subject.

Councillor Ashley also recommended that the Recreation Commission decision be the final word on the topic, with no need to return it to council for further action.

The Recreation Commission was to consider the proposal at their May 28th meeting, however no announcement has been made regarding their decision as of yet.

You can learn more about the stencil project from page 36 of the Council agenda.

The discussion on the topic is available on the City's Video Archive, it takes place from the one hour, one minute mark through to one hour, eight minutes.

For more items on developments at Prince Rupert City Council see our Archive page.

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