Monday, June 23, 2014

Major quake strikes far western reaches of Alaska

Monday has proven to be a fairly significant day seismically for the Pacific Ocean, with a string of quakes at 6.9 mg or less striking areas north of New Zealand earlier today and in mid afternoon an 8.0 magnitude earthquake recorded on Little Sitkin Island, in the far Western reaches of Alaska.

The Alaska quake has proven to be of interest to Emergency Management BC owing to the potential for tsunami activity along the Pacific coast.

As a result of the earthquake the immediate portion of Alaska near that event has had a Tsunami Warning placed in effect.

Emergency Info BC posted a short note to their twitter feed shortly after notification of the seismic event in Alaska.

Further evaluation of the nature of the Quake off Alaska's coast would appear to suggest that there is No Tsunami threat for other regions of the Pacific coast, including British Columbia.

You can access further updates from the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Centre website

Should there be any change to those notifications, we will post the update to this item on the blog.


Since this afternoons 8.0 magnitude quake, there have been a number of aftershocks, those listed at above 6.0 magnitude can be found below:

6.6 at 8:15 PM
6.0 at 2:11 PM

No Tsunami warnings were generated for Southeast Alaska, coastal BC, or points south from the after shocks.

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