Monday, June 2, 2014

Spectra Energy updates council on pipeline development and community outreach plans

It was presentation night once again at Prince Rupert Council, as last Monday evening brought Mr. Graham Genge from Spectra Energy to Council chambers to provide an update on the progress of the Spectra pipeline project.

During the course of his sixteen minute presentation Mr. Genge provided some background on the progress of the plans from Spectra to deliver natural gas from Northeastern British Columbia, to the proposed BG LNG terminal at Ridley island.

He explained the options for the pipeline route and the current status of their environmental work on those routes.  And how local businesses and workers could obtain more information on the proposal and what it may offer the North Coast.

As well he provided some background information as how local businesses could become registered vendors in the Spectra data base, with the potential to become a supplier as the project moves forward.

As part of their ongoing information process, Mr. Genge reminded Council that Spectra will be holding a public open house in the Community on June 3rd.

That Open House takes place from 5-8 PM  at the North Coast Meeting and Convention Centre (Chances) on 1st Avenue West.

He also provided more background on the nature of some of their community engagement opportunities for the region through their Commitment to Communities program.

You can review the links to those projects through the Spectra website.

Those with questions on either the pipeline project, or the community engagement opportunities can also contact the Spectra representatives at their Northwest office in Terrace at 1-855-757-4755

Residents of the region can also sign up to receive updates and newsletters on the project, as well as invite members of the Spectra Community team to attend local events.

Following his presentation three of the city's councillors had observations and questions on the pipeline project.

Councillor Ashley was focused on the community engagement projects and how local residents could access more information about them. That was a theme of interest that Councillor Carlick-Pearson would also inquire about later in the session.

Mr. Genge offered up background on Spectra's West coast Connector grants,  an opportunity he thought might be of interest to the region.

As part of the Council Question and Answer period, Councillor Thorkelson offered up her thoughts on the transmission corridor and the impact that they may have on salmon bearing streams.

You can review the full presentation from the City's Video Archive, it starts at the 33 minute mark and continues on until the 49 minute mark.

For more items on developments from Prince Rupert city Council see our archive page.

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