Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Port of Prince Rupert success highlighted in business publication article

It's the engine that now drives the Prince Rupert economy and with more projects still to come, the Port of Prince Rupert is firmly making its statement as one of the key contributors to the economic future of not only Prince Rupert, but British Columbia and Canada.

To celebrate that fact, Business in Vancouver magazine offers up a fairly good snapshot as to how the Prince Rupert economy has started its rebound, based primarily on the port and port related developments.

The item starts off with the familiar story of the failure of Watson Island's paper mill and with it, the long running saga of trying to redevelop the Watson Island industrial site.

An agenda item and constant companion for the City of Prince Rupert over the last decade and a controversial story that it appears is far from over just yet.

For the most part however, the magazine focuses on the growth of the Port and how it has transformed the waterfront of both Ridley Island and the city itself.

Bringing new industry and opportunity to a city, that saw its population dramatically drop in the years that followed the Watson Island closure.

And while the article perhaps provides an optimistic thought as to the current state of our cruise industry, it's focus on the future of container operations, mineral exports and the enthusiasm of potential LNG terminal development is reviewed.

A fairly enthusiastic piece which suggests all signs continue to point to even more impressive through put numbers yet to come or the
Pacific Northwest gateway to the world.

Though just to bring us all back to an even keel from the heady thoughts of LNG, the final points of the article return to the old Skeena mill site.

With the Mayor providing a quote that offers up the best in understatement on the never ending nature of the troubles from Watson Island.

"On one hand, we have all this other activity, and we've had a hell of a time dealing with Watson Island"

You can review the full article from the Business in Vancouver website here.

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