Monday, June 16, 2014

Province to consult Mayors, Community leaders on Northwest Transportation concerns

The lack of transportation options between isolated communities along Highway 16 will be the focus of upcoming consultations between the Provincial Transportation Ministry and Mayors and First Nations Community leaders of Northern British Columbia.

The announcement and background on that plan was revealed last week by Transportation Minister Todd Stone, who outlined what the province hopes to achieve through its consultation process.

The meetings are to be held from June until mid July, looking to find practical ways to connect residents with services and amenities in major centres, running the range from medical appointments to shopping and visiting family and friends along the highway 16 corridor from Prince George to Prince Rupert.

As part of their announcement, the Transportation Ministry observed as to the nature of the challenges in the region and how a multi-community approach will be required to find practical solutions to the issue.

You can learn more about that engagement process from this item from the BC government website.

The issue has been an ongoing concern for North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice, who has raised the topic a number of times during the recent session of the British Columbia Legislature.

She, along with many residents of the Highway 16 corridor will no doubt be watching the process as outlined by the province and we imagine will be seeking opportunity to contribute to that dialogue.

Some of the other items of note on the Highway 16 issue can be found on our Transportation archive.

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