Tuesday, June 24, 2014

North Coast organization offers home security review

Summer means warmer weather, open windows and forgotten patio doors. An obvious invitation to those who may not have the best intentions while walking through Prince Rupert neighbourhoods.

But those aren't the only areas of concern for local residents to be aware of, when it comes to protecting their homes from intruders.

Things you many not even have thought of from, poor lighting to over grown shrubs and trees too close to your home could make your home a target, particularly in the summer months.

A little help however is easily accessible, with a Prince Rupert organization looking to provide area residents with an overview about their home security situation by offering a free inspection and home security package to help you make note of how to better protect your home.

North Coast Victim Services is offering the program this summer, designed to help you avoid becoming a victim of crime. One of the many services that the organization has been providing in the community for many years now.

To find out more about the home security program or any other program that they have to offer, you can contact them a 250-627-7779.

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