Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mayor Mussallem shares thoughts with Cabinet Minister Oakes for potential Student Housing for NWCC

As part of last weeks Council session, Mayor Jack Mussallem recounted some recent conversations with provincial Cabinet Minister Coralee Oakes, who has responsibility for Community, Sport and Cultural Development.

The Mayor spoke with Ms. Oakes following a meeting regarding planning grants for Northwest communities and as part of some follow up conversations from that funding announcement, the Mayor took advantage of the opportunity to outline a range of potential items for provincial consideration.

During those conversations the Mayor and Cabinet Minister discussed items which the Mayor described as Legacy projects. With one of particular topic of interest for the local campus of Northwest Community College.

As the Mayor and Minister Oakes explored some initial consideration of a possible student housing component for those attending the college in Prince Rupert.

That theme was only a short observation to Council, made as part of his Mayor's report, but it continues on with a theme of late from the Mayor, who is looking to see a more enhanced role for the community college in the city.

And with an eye towards potential community growth and the increased emphasis of the trades programs run through the college, providing for student accommodations could help to grow the Prince Rupert campus significantly, increasing its footprint in the community.

You can review the Mayor's overview of his session with Minister Oakes from the City's Video Archive with the account of his meeting running for about two minutes starting at the 1 hour thirty two minute mark.

For more items of interest from City Council on our Archive page.

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