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Prince Rupert Municipal Elections 2014

Frankly we didn't think that there would be a need for an archive of items on the 2014 Municipal election until at least after Labour Day.  However, recent events suggest that the political campaigning may be a summer long kind of experience, at least when it comes to the Mayoralty race.

With the announcement of the first competitor for incumbent Jack Mussallem revealed in mid June, it would appear that the time has come for our Election archive.

So, with the first stages of the fall race now in motion, updates on the file can be found below as we move towards November.

Our Archive can be found on the City Council home page and in our archive list on the right hand column.

For a preview of what could be some of the key talking points and issues of the 2014 campaign, see our City Council Discussion page and Education Notes archives for background on past items of interest.

Items related to the the Port Edward Council Election, SQCRD vote and School District 52 race can all be found below:

(List of candidates for the North Coast elections can be found here)

Note: The All Candidates Forums will be rebroadcast on CityWest Cable Channel 10 Wednesday, November 12.

Note: Video replays are being posted on line, for those that missed Tuesday evening's Forum.

Prince Rupert City Council election Forum (view video of Forum here)
Prince Rupert Mayoralty Election Forum (technical issues reportedly prevented any replay of the forum)

Election Day notes:

City of Prince Rupert election page
#PRelxn twitter feed
Live blog entries during the vote count

Archive of items through the campaign

Prince Rupert


November 19-- Provincial media begin to seek out more details on Prince Rupert's new Mayor  NCR
November 18-- Prince Rupert Youth Vote Tallies deliver victory once again for Lee Brain  NCR
November 15-- Voters send a mix of new faces and old hands to City Council for four years  NCR
November 15-- It was a Brain Wave!!  NCR
November 15-- Port Edward Results
November 15-- And soon we get to the counting... NCR
November 14-- And now, it's all going to be in the hands of the voters!  NCR
November 14-- Council Candidates used very different approaches to reach the voters  NCR
November 13-- The Mayoralty Debate Take Two! Kind of, sort of and definitely missing a few contributors...  NCR
November 13-- The ride to the polls is on the City on Saturday!  NCR
November 13-- Mayor Mussallem makes Social Media debut with election video for consideration by Prince Rupert voters  NCR
November 13-- Final dash towards Polling day finish line is on for Mayoralty candidates  NCR
November 13-- Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce weigh in on election issues
November 12-- Prince Rupert Mayoralty Campaign gets a bit of a national look in  NCR
November 12-- Joy Thorkelson stresses need for Depth and Balance on Council  NCR
November 12-- Barry Cunningham outlines his "common sense" approach to Council candidacy  NCR
November 12-- Meet the candidates for Prince Rupert Mayor
November 12-- Can they deliver on their promises?
November 11-- Northern communities scramble to upgrade roads, bridges for LNG
November 11-- LNG puts infrastructure at the centre of B. C. Municipal elections
November 10-- Voting as simple as filling out a lottery card!  NCR
November 8-- Major Industrial projects and the small business environment makes for theme at campaign end  NCR
November 7-- City Hall hosting Advance Poll opportunity today  NCR
November 7-- Mayor's Advertising Push pivots towards Council's achievements as voting day nears  NCR
November 7-- Prince Rupert council candidates find some common ground during public forum
November 7-- Record number of advanced voters turn out in Prince Rupert as city introduces automated vote tabulator 
November 6-- Prince Rupert candidates Forum (video)
November 6-- Council candidates seek to turn Tuesday's election forum appearance into votes  NCR
November 5-- Prince Rupert mayor candidates face off in public forum
November 5-- Candidate Profiles for Prince Rupert City Council
November 5-- Attack on inexperience doesn't resonate well with Lester Centre Crowd  NCR
November 5-- The Prince Rupert Fire Department becomes surprise topic of Tuesday's debate NCR
November 5-- Challengers take the reins at Prince Rupert Mayoralty Forum  NCR
November 4-- Prince Rupert All Candidates Forum could shape remainder of election campaign  NCR
November 3-- Let's get ready to rumble: Prince Rupert Election Forum Style  NCR


October 31-- Gurvinder Randhawa highlights jobs and training as part of his Council campaign NCR
October 31-- Now here's a method to help get out the vote!   NCR
October 31-- Pamphlets will be the path to the voters door for Ray Pedersen  NCR
October 30-- Mayor Mussallem warns of inexperience of rivals as campaign heads into November NCR
October 30-- Advance Polling Opportunities start next week for 2014 Election  NCR
October 30-- Councillors Cunningham and Thorkelson to host Open House on November 1st  NCR
October 29-- Sheila Gordon-Payne to focus on LNG opportunities as part of her campaign NCR
October 29-- Prince Rupert Council candidates face the public at first forum
October 28-- Hopeful city councillor candidates to host public panel tonight
October 27-- City Council hopefuls to face questions Tuesday evening   NCR
October 24-- Small Business Week a conversation starter for Mayoralty Candidate Brain  NCR
October 21-- Chamber of Commerce seeks your input on Election Forum topics  NCR
October 21-- Did Minister Stone lose his roadmap?  NCR
October 21-- All-candidates forum scheduled in Prince Rupert
October 20-- Blair Mirau outlines plan for training program for those elected to Council this November  NCR
October 20-- Lee Brain opens up Campaign office downtown, seeks volunteers for Mayoralty quest NCR
October 20-- Candidate Gordon-Payne takes leave of absence from Hospital during campaign  NCR
October 17-- Prince Rupert All Candidates Forum set for November 4th NCR
October 17-- Sheila Gordon-Payne looks to refocus Council's energies  NCR
October 17-- For Mayor Mussallem, the election campaign is starting out as one of playing defence  NCR
October 17-- Council Candidate Pedersen has a few thoughts on energy and more  NCR
October 16-- Daybreak North puts the talk into Election talking  points  NCR
October 16-- Tony Briglio outlines his collaborative approach to Civic issues  NCR
October 16-- Blair Mirau outlines proposals for Budgeting Strategy for Prince Rupert finances  NCR
October 16-- Barry Cunningham to stress Port and Housing as campaign issues  NCR
October 15-- Mayor Jack Mussallem is all about his familiar refrain: experience (audio)
October 15-- Tony Briglio wants an end to false hope (audio)
October 15-- Sheila Gordon-Payne is promising a municipal scorecard (audio)
October 15-- Prince Rupert Municipal elections primer (audio)
October 15-- Prince Rupert mayor candidate Lee Brain (audio)
October 15-- Rupert's future too big for just one vision
October 14-- Platforms, Platforms, Platforms NCR
October 13-- North Coast Municipal elections set ...
October 8-- Candidates coming forward for Prince Rupert and Port Edward municipal elections
October 8-- An important vote to cast
October 7-- Community Transformation makes for introductory theme for Candidate Brain  NCR
October 4-- Make that four for the Mayoralty  NCR
October 3-- City Council candidate outlines concerns over infrastructure issues  NCR
October 3-- Mayoralty candidate Lee Brain outlines changing nature of his campaign  NCR
October 1-- Nomination period for November elections officially underway; closes October 10th  NCR


September 30-- So far, only one candidate remains consistent on issues in Prince Rupert Election Campaign  NCR
September 26-- Council candidate urges quick movement on Northwest Alliance initiative  NCR
September 25 -- Blair Mirau -- Benefitting from Cooperation (You Tube video item)
September 23-- Election advertising rules have changed for this year's Municipal election  NCR
September 22-- Campaigning begins in Prince Rupert for Municipal Election
September 19-- New contenders for Council positions may shift campaign styles for local political scene  NCR
September 17-- Blair Mirau enters race for Prince Rupert City Council  NCR
September 15-- More transparency, more town halls the call from the Lee Brain campaign  NCR
September 10-- Lee Brain Mayoralty campaign kicks off fund raising efforts  NCR
September 8-- Often overlooked at election time, School District election could be vital for community this time around NCR
September 8-- Nominations set to open for Municipal/Regional District elections in November  NCR
September 4-- With the latest advertising blitz from the Mayor, the municipal election campaign focus shifts to personal qualities  NCR


July 17-- Prince Rupert Mayoralty candidates using different approaches to deliver their messages  NCR
July 15-- Two declare intentions to run for Prince Rupert Mayor
July 3-- Prince Rupert's Mayor Jack Mussallem Enters Candidacy for November election
July 2-- Manage mayoral expectations


June 18-- Lee Brain Runs for Mayor "Re-Think Prince Rupert"
June 11-- Lee Brain tests the electoral waters of fall  NCR


May 8-- And leading in the early, early returns NCR

Port Edward

For a preview of what could be some of the key talking points and issues of the 2014 campaign, see our Port Edward Discussion page here.


November 5-- Candidate Profiles: Port Edward District Council


October 28-- On-air Port Edward mayoral candidates debate
October 13-- North Coast Municipal elections set ...
October 2-- Port Edward incumbents reveal plans for November election


September 8-- Nominations set to open for Municipal/Regional District elections in November  NCR

Regional District


September 8-- Nominations set to open for Municipal/Regional District elections in November  NCR

School District 52 Race

November 12-- Trustee candidates face the public at forum
October 29-- Meet the Candidates: Prince Rupert School Trustees
October 13-- North Coast Municipal elections set ...
September 22 -- School board trustees declare election intentions

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