Thursday, October 2, 2014

6th Avenue Bridge gets long anticipated pavement

Travellers along 6th Avenue east now have a smooth passage across the Hays Creek Bridge, thanks to a fresh layer of asphalt that was put down on Wednesday by Adventure paving.

The city's paving contractor found a window between weather systems to put the fresh coat of pavement down, smoothing out the rattling effect for vehicles that were travelling the route following the recent remediation  project for the bridge.

The timetable regarding the paving project had been the topic of recent City council sessions, with one suggestion that work at the Digby Island airport may have contributed to the delay in finishing off the 6th Avenue bridge project.

With the major link between the east side and the rest of the city now complete, the topic of the need to pave the bridge will be at least one item that won't make for a discussion point in the upcoming civic election campaign.

The theme of the city's aging infrastructure however, is a topic that may be an issue that candidates find of some interest as election day nears.

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