Monday, October 6, 2014

Changes to the Community Enhancement Grants process on the Agenda for tonight's Council session

Prince Rupert City Council will review a familiar topic this evening as part of their Monday night Council session, with a report on Community Enhancement Grants from the City's Financial Officer and Executive Assistant as the main discussion point.

Each year Council begins the process of processing requests for Grants to a wide range of community organizations and with the City now having received those requests for the year ahead, the decision on what course of action to take is to be reviewed tonight.

In total, requests of 1, 481,536 have been received by City Staff (you can review the list of applicants from the link to the agenda items found below, the list appears on page 10) , with the City's Finance Department offering up the opinion that Council change the timing of the funding decisions due to budgetary pressures.

The proposal for 2015 from the finance Department is to award grants at a level of 65 per cent of the amount requested by each group or organization, with the remaining 35 percent to be given consideration during next year's budget season.

Using that formula, recipient organizations will be assured of receiving over half of their funding request, while at the same time providing Council with some financial leeway in the next year to consider whether they can deliver the remainder of the request.

That change in the process would make the initial outlay by the City to be at 1,023,697 dollars, with the remainder to be determined in the spring of 2015.

Council will also be provided with a list of options for this evenings council meeting, as well as a proposed timeline for the process ahead.

You can review the talking points on the Community Enhancement Grant options from the Council Agenda for tonight found on pages 8 through 11.

Our Preview of tonight's Council session can be found here, while past items for discussion at Prince Rupert Council can be found on our archive page.

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