Monday, October 6, 2014

Make that four for the Mayoralty

The race for the Mayoralty in Prince Rupert has suddenly become a fairly fascinating competition, with word from a most reliable source of the entry of two familiar names as the latest candidates to declare for the top job.

According to the Civic Info BC Election listings, Sheila Gordon-Payne and Tony Briglio  have both officially entered the 2014 election campaign, looking to claim the Mayoralty from incumbent Jack Mussallem.

They arrive on the scene of what previously had been a two man race, with candidate Lee Brain having offered up his candidacy and challenge to the Mayor back in the summer. Interestingly enough, Mr. Brain's entry into the race has not yet been recorded by the Civic Info BC portal.

The apparent arrival of the two high profile additions to the listings will make for a Mayoralty campaign not seen in this community in a very long time, one which will feature an experienced Mayor having to play a bit of defence on his record of the last term.

The campaign towards the November 15th voting day does offer up some intriguing options for Prince Rupert voters, providing an election atmosphere that should be electric through to voting day.

Opposing the Mayor we have in Mr. Brain a candidate who has been introducing a theme of change and the need to Re-think Prince Rupert as his call to action.

While the two more established names in the community will quickly step into the competition, with no real need for a learning curve. Offering up their past experiences on City Council, as well as their work in the community as the foundation for their quest for office.

So, far Ms. Gordon-Payne would appear to have the more focused approach for her bid for office.

A website offering up background information on her candidacy, with the prospect of more engagement to come appeared on Monday, her positioning statement being one of Working for Success.

Mr. Briglio has yet to develop his campaign communication plan it would seem, with no campaign positioning or platform offerings provided as of yet. Though these are still very early days in what should be an invigorated campaign for the top job in the City.

The Civic Info BC site also provides updates on the City Council campaign, with four incumbents having now announced as seeking office in November.

The latest to file their nomination papers looking to take on the challenge of Blair Mirau and Wade Niesh, will be current councillors Anna Ashley, Barry Cunningham Gina Garon and  Nelson Kinney.

The up to date listings of the race for the Mayoralty and Council can be found here.

More background on the Prince Rupert 2014 campaign can be found on our archive page.

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  1. I don't think it's correct to say Mr. Brain has a learning curve to overcome. He seems quite intelligent, and sounds like he has a great team of people supporting him. Should make for a good race.