Friday, October 3, 2014

Mayoralty candidate Lee Brain outlines changing nature of his campaign

With the municipal election campaign now into the six week run up to the November 15th vote, one candidate for Mayor is providing for a subtle shift in his efforts.

Lee Brain, offered up some observations on changes to his campaign plan for the next six weeks addressing a few of his themes through his Facebook page, as well as with an audio message for would be voters to listen to as well.

Stressing that he has listened to members of the community during the last number of weeks, he outlined the nature of the shift, starting with a change in the presentation of his information.

Gone is the moniker Mayor Lee Brain, instead changed to a less presumptuous introduction to the voters with his revision to Lee Brain for Mayor.

He also gives us an indication that a renewed commitment to community will be a recurring theme over the next six weeks. Making note of the changes in both the social and economic nature of the region and how his goal of a united community requires a new spirit of cooperation between neighbours, businesses, First Nations, and others.

Towards those goals he stresses (but doesn't quite outline in detail) how he would bring stronger community partnerships and a new standard for improved public communication should the voters send him to City Hall in November

The audio update regarding his campaign can be found here.

A full review on his themes and plans ahead can be accessed through his Facebook page and twitter

The first signs of his renewed engagement with the voters came with an updated advertisement in the weekly paper on Wednesday, as well as the placement of a number of election signs which have popped up around the city this week.

While Mr. Brain has embraced social media for the launch of his campaign, Election signs are the more traditional method of delivering the political message.

Taking a page from past campaigns, the Mayoralty candidate's signage can be spotted on some of the busiest of travel routes in the city, dotting lawns in a number of neighbourhoods and even in the windows of a few businesses around town.

In these early days of the run to November, his sign campaign marks the first visual presence to be seen for any candidates. A lone tree on a  few corners, no doubt soon to be joined by a forest of signs from others by the time November 15th rolls around.

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