Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Nomination period for November elections officially underway; closes October 10th

The next ten days will separate the tire kickers from those seriously seeking the vote of the North Cost electorate in this years Municipal Election campaign.

The nomination period for the November 15th vote starts today, leaving potential candidates until 4 PM on October 10th to come to a decision when it comes to their intentions.

And while it may seem like the campaign has been taking place for a few weeks now, these next ten days will give local residents the final picture as to their options for Mayoralty, Council and School District races around the region.

So far, with the exception of the two declared candidates for Mayor incumbent Jack Mussallem and challenger Lee Brain, as well as the efforts of Council hopeful Blair Mirau there had been little to indicate that we head for the polls in November.

That should change quickly now, as those that are currently serving on Council, School District or Regional District firm up their plans, while potential challengers for those seats make their final decision on whether they wish to take the plunge and enter the electoral discussion.

The decision to run may be a little harder to make for some this year, as the commitment required to serve on Council increases by one additional year. Those  candidates who find success on November 15th will be taking office for a term of four years, an increase of required service that was adopted earlier this year.

More background on the requirements for office and contact information for those interested in entering the 2014 race can be found here.

As the would be candidates file their nomination papers at City Hall, the official launch to the 2014 vote is seemingly now official, with the first of the election campaign signage starting to pop up around town.

The Lee Brain campaign was the first to receive their order from the printers, with Mr. Brain's campaign message now posted at a number of strategic locations around town.

He will hold that real estate as his own for only a short period we imagine, by the time the nomination period closes on the 10th, the number of signs seeking our vote is destined to increase significantly.

You can review more of our items on the 2014 elections on the North Coast from our archive page.

***Please note, original item listed Mr. Mirau by an incorrect first name, our apologies for the error...

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