Saturday, October 4, 2014

Prince Rupert Municipal/School District Election Candidate Listings

With the nomination period now open, those giving consideration to making a run for Municipal office are on the clock.

Below we'll provide a list of those that have decided to seek office in the November 15th Municipal elections for Prince Rupert.

As well as a listing of the candidates, we'll provide links to those that have websites, Facebook pages or twitter feeds as we update the list through the nomination period.

Items of interest as the Municipal election campaign continues on can be found from our archive page here.

For a preview of what could be some of the key talking points and issues of the 2014 campaign, see our City Council Discussion page and Education Notes archives for background on past items of interest.

Those candidates who have indicated their intention to seek office in Prince Rupert are:



Jack Mussallem



Lee Brain
(website) (Facebook) (twitter) (You Tube)

Tony Briglio
(Website) ( You Tube )

Sheila Gordon-Payne

Prince Rupert City Council


Anna Ashley

Barry Cunningham

Gina Garon

Nelson Kinney

Joy Thorkelson


Blair Mirau
(website) (twitter) (Facebook) (YouTube)

Wade Niesh

Ray Pedersen

Gurvinder Randhawa

School District 52


Tina Last
Bart Kuntz
Terri-Lynn Huddlestone
Louisa Sanchez


Judy Carlick-Pearson
James Horne
June Lewis
Fanny Nelson
William Spat
Kimberly Williams

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