Friday, October 3, 2014

Taking Digby Towers to Prime Time Television?

Will the tales of Digby Towers make it to Prime Time Television on the CBC?

Well, to get there, David Smook, Leah Jowe and Jeff Bill will need a bit of your help.

The CBC Comedy Coup has listed the Prince Rupert production of Digby Towers among their lengthy list of ballot nominations, providing a chance to take the saga of the all but abandoned residential tower just off McBride to a national audience.

The Digby Towers nomination is but one of only two from Northern British Columbia, with the other contribution to the competition coming from Prince George.

In total there are 283 projects up for consideration, so showing support and spreading the word for the Prince Rupert project, will be key to helping the local production make its way through the competition.

Should Digby Towers make it to that final audition, they could receive 500 thousand dollars in production financing to create a half hour special for the CBC Prime Time schedule.

A win at the polls would find Digby Towers entering pre-production starting in January, with a project delivery date in the fall of 2015

The process of seeking support started on October 2nd and will continue for the next ten weeks, with participants across Canada submitting videos, images and artwork to the Comedy Coup website.

All of that effort designed to catch the interest of the nation and with it, to hopefully climb the vote tally.

You can learn more about the Comedy Coup here, with the Digby Towers page found here.

A short video clip of the Prince Rupert performance made famous at the city's annual UdderFest can be found on that page as part of the Digby Towers introduction page.

You can sign up from this link, to start the voting process and then follow along to support the Digby Towers project through the competition.

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