Sunday, January 4, 2015

Communications on the North Coast 2015: Broadcasting and Print Media

A reference guide to items of interest about the regional broadcasting (radio and TV) outlets as well as print media operations across the Northwest.


December 21 -- North Coast media ranks shrink by one, with departure of CFTK TV's Christa Dao  NCR
December 9 -- All the way around the world to get to Prince Rupert
December 3 -- CBC Prince Rupert hosts Open House Friday in support of Food Bank  NCR
December 2 -- CFNR looks to expand its reach  NCR


November 26 -- The Hardest working reporter in Northwest television NCR
November 25 -- Council to reveal community vision planning this week  NCR
November 4 -- Thank you all for reading


August 28 -- Observer owned by oil: Lantin


July 29 -- CBC Radio responds to City Council inquiries on service in the community NCR
July 16 -- Local CBC Radio fans hosting information session Saturday  NCR
July 14 -- Changes for the local media line up card  NCR
July 2 -- KRBD welcomes summer news intern Madelyn Beck
July 1 -- KRBD schedule changes


June 24 -- Thank you all for your support


May 14 -- Five Days of Homecoming underway  NCR
May 11 -- CBC responds to concerns
May 7 -- Local listeners seek Council's support to expand CBC Service on the North Coast  NCR
May 7 -- Bell Radiothon (video)
May 6 -- CBC listeners in Prince Rupert demanding better
May 5 -- KRBD faces budget cuts


April 27 -- Community Group to outline concerns over CBC programming for council tonight  NCR
April 18 -- Save CBC, kill CBC


February 4 -- NorthernView delayed


- No Items of note for January

Archive of items from 2014

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