Sunday, January 4, 2015

Communications on the North Coast 2015 -- CityWest

Our Archive of items related to developments with the City of Prince Rupert owned Telecommunication company CityWest.


December 7 -- CityWest launches the 12 Days of Christmas Giving  NCR
December 4 -- CityWest payment to City of Prince Rupert is $400,000 for 2015  NCR


October 27 -- CityWest in the midst of a survey of customers on services offered  NCR


August 11 -- CityWest warns of internet scams targeting customers  NCR


June 9 -- CityWest launches High Speed Internet Service to Smithers  NCR


May 26 --  CityWest launches new website for community programming  NCR


April 10 -- CityWest advises that its Wait and See when it comes to CRTC revisions to Cable service NCR
April 9 -- Prince Rupert based CityWest opens new storefront in Smithers  NCR
April 8 -- CityWest opens offices in Smithers (video)


March 20 -- CityWest shares plans for Internet improvements in the Smithers area  NCR
March 19 -- CityWest presentation to Smithers Chamber of Commerce  (video)
March 19 -- CityWest speaks at Smithers Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting
March 10 -- CityWest to implement Emergency Alert System by end of March  NCR
March 4 -- CityWest on hiring blitz for March  NCR


February 25 -- CityWest provides dividend forecast for City Council  NCR
February 25 -- CityWest Kicks in for Minor Soccer  NCR


February 2 -- CityWest celebrates the All Native Basketball Tournament with $5,000 donation NCR
January 30 -- CityWest expands again, launching high-tech services to Gitanmaax  NCR

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