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Education 2015 -- School District 52 / Annunciation School / Lax Kw'alaams

Our quick reference and archive of items pertaining to Education on the North Coast and in British Columbia.

School District 52 website

School District 52 Agenda and Minutes page

Annunciation School website

News Items of Note

(Charles Hays Athletics items can be found here)


December 11 -- School District Budget Consultations to start in January  NCR
December 11 -- School District and City of Prince Rupert to work towards Board of Education By-election  NCR
December 11 -- School District to shift focus in tracking student progress NCR
December 4 -- Board of Education holds Election of Officers  NCR
December 2 -- School District adds two Non-Instructional Days for curriculum familiarization NCR


November 25 -- Aboriginal students face 'racism of low expectations' in B. C. schools
November 20 -- Final weeks of rehearsals for CHSS Production of Catch Me If You Can  NCR
November 19 -- Find Your Fit Tour arrives at Charles Hays Secondary today  NCR
November 19 -- School District forwards 12 Capital Projects to Ministry of Education  NCR
November 19 -- Judy Carlick-Pearson steps down from School District 52 Board  NCR
November 10 -- Prince Rupert struggles with aggressive drivers in elementary school parking lots (audio)
November 5 -- B. C. falls short of provincial target for aboriginal education


October 21 -- SD52 outlines its response to the NWCC Academy project  NCR
October 14 -- School District departure makes for administration shifts at some schools  NCR


September 26 -- School Replacement plans on the mind of SD52 this year  NCR
September 25 -- Hard drive with personal information on 3.4 million B. C. students lost
September 23 -- The latest B. C. government data breach is the biggest by far
September 23 -- Missing hard drive will likely cost dearly
September 22 -- B. C. education data breach: government can't find unencrypted hard drive
September 22 -- B. C. student data breach could affect more than 3 million people (video)
September 18 -- Aqua van once again a hit in Prince Rupert  NCR
September 17 -- Prince Rupert School District superintendent discusses implementation of new curriculum
September 16 -- Aqua Van in Prince Rupert (video)
September 16 -- School District 52 Lockdown protocol (video)
September 16 -- Superintendent addresses texting and social media use during high school security incident
September 11 -- Prince Rupert RCMP update community on Friday morning incident at Charles Hays Secondary  NCR
September 8 -- North Coast students head back to the classroom today  NCR
September 4 -- Return to school will bring start of new curriculum for British Columbia students  NCR


August 31 -- Students returning to class Tuesday morning
August 24 -- SD52 braces for new enrolment
August 18 -- Back to School Openings on the horizon for the North Coast  NCR
August 11 -- NWCC launches Academy program
August 7 -- NWCC's Prince Rupert campus introduces "The Academy"  NCR


July 15 -- CHSS to teach lifesaving skills
July 3 -- North Coast Historians off to Victoria for Provincial Heritage Fair  NCR
July 3 -- Cullen backs move to teach Sm'algyax


June 26 -- SD52's Sm'algyax plans to be featured as part of national CBC Radio program segment NCR
June 18 -- Mold creating uncertainty around fate of closed down schools
June 17 -- Aboriginal Curriculum for all B. C. Students
June 17 -- B. C. adding to aboriginal education
June 17 -- Tsimshian to be taught in elementary schools
June 16 -- School year winding down across the District  NCR
June 16 -- SD52's Sm'algyax plans gaining notice beyond Prince Rupert  NCR
June 15 -- School District seismic review could deliver new Middle School to the City  NCR
June 15 -- All Prince Rupert K-Grade 4 students to get Sm'algyax Language instruction (audio)
June 13 -- SD52 set to close deal for Kanata School property NCR
June 12 -- Housing development planned for former Kanata site
June 11 -- Elementary students in Prince Rupert to be taught the local First Nations Language
June 11-- Prince Rupert students must learn indigenous language from September
June 10 -- Sheila Wells reflects on 37 years of education in Prince Rupert
June 10 -- Every K-4 student in Prince Rupert to learn First Nations language  (audio)
June 8 -- School District 52 set to recognize retiring staff  NCR
June 5 -- Lax Kw'alaams seeks Board members for Coast Tsimshian Academy  NCR
June 2 -- Northwest reaction to the Truth and Reconciliation Report  (video)
June 1 -- Changes coming to Prince Rupert school leadership


May 29 -- Administrative changes ahead for 2015-16 at School District 52  NCR
May 21 -- CHSS ranked 264th out of 289 B. C. Schools from Fraser Institute
May 21 -- Northwest Secondary Schools deliver mixed results in latest Fraser Institute Review  NCR
May 16 -- Location, Location, Location! SD 52 puts Kanata School property on the market  NCR
May 14 -- Prince Rupert School District given approval to sell Kanata school
May 14 -- SD52 Property sale underway for Kanata School (video)
May 14 -- Voice of BC -- Education Critics (video)
May 11 -- Parents, educators rally for childhood support
May 13 -- School District 52 trustees have concerns related to Provincial Government Bill 11 (video)
May 8 -- North Coast MLA raises issues and challenges of Northern Education in Legislature NCR
May 7 -- Voice of BC -- Education Ministers (video)
May 5 -- Conrad Elementary listed as one of the fastest improving schools in Fraser Institute Report Card
May 5 -- Fraser Institute releases annual results from elementary school study  NCR
May 4 -- SD52 Art Show set for Thursday at Roosevelt Park Community School  NCR
May 1 -- Government victory over the B. C. Teachers Federation (audio)


April 30 -- Provincial Government gains favourable ruling from BC Court of Appeal over BCTF  NCR
April 29 -- Grad parents seek free rental of the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre for Prince Rupert prom
April 28 -- Prince Rupert Prom Costs (video)
April 27 -- Civic Centre rent once again an issue for a local group NCR
April 21 -- City approves rezoning despite SD52 objection
April 17 -- Prince Rupert Council may have some fences to mend with the School District  NCR
April 17 -- School District using $978,715 of surplus to balance budget
April 16 -- Despite concerns from School District 52, Prince Rupert Council moves Quickload Terminals rezoning forward  NCR
April 16 -- Proposed Annunciation lane closure, prompts parking concerns from United Church  NCR
April 15 -- School District disappointed with Quickload hearing reception (video)
April 15 -- School District 52 inviting parents to Ready, Set, Learn sessions at local schools NCR


March 27 -- New Education Legislation for B. C. (video)
March 27 -- BC introduces New Education Legislation
March 18 -- Hockey Academy elitist ( PRDTA Letter to the Editor)
March 17 -- School district projecting $25,000 shortfall in budget
March 16 -- More seismic studies coming to PRMS
March 16 -- Teachers question 'elitist' hockey academy planned for Prince Rupert
March 12 -- Prince Rupert Hockey Academy comes to Prince Rupert Middle School (video)
March 12 -- Prince Rupert Middle School will have a Hockey Academy
March 11 -- Prince Rupert's Spectrum 21 course program at Pacific Coast School  (video)
March 21 -- Spectrum 21, new Course at Prince Rupert's Pacific Coast School
March 10 -- School District 52 hosts Budget conversation Thursday  NCR
March 10 -- School Seismic upgrades: It's No Squabble, It's Serious
March 7 -- Funding delays, feasibility studies, political squabbles delay B. C. school seismic upgrades
March 7 -- Seismic upgrades at B. C. schools delayed by a decade
March 6 -- For Vancouver parents, School Fundraising "Has Become our Lives"
March 5 -- No Carbon Reduction money for School District 52 for 2015  NCR


February 25 -- Pink Shirt Day in Prince Rupert (video)
February 25 -- Anti-Bullying Day Celebrated at Prince Rupert Middle School
February 25 -- Aboriginal education hits graduation milestone
February 23 -- Will you be wearing Pink?
February 25 -- Prince Rupert parents sing to their toddlers, and learn something new in the process
February 23 -- Workshop will help parents understand online learning
February 23 -- Board pursues office amalgamation
February 22 -- Reeling B. C. School Districts dealt a severe blow with "efficiencies" cuts
February 20 -- Charles Hays students in Kitimat for Northwest Zones Drama Festival  NCR
February 18 -- Christy Clark appoints new advocate for private schools in B. C.
February 18 -- Premier appoints new parliamentary secretary for B. C. Independent schools
February 17 -- Education budget 'very disappointing'
February 15 -- Enrolment at private schools growing after B. C. Teachers' strike
February 13 -- Kids learn culture and Language at Surrey's only Indigenous Preschool
February 12 -- B. C.'s open school enrolment has led to rise in academic achievement: report
February 12 -- B. C. spending more on public schools, despite drop in enrolment: Fraser Institute
February 12 -- School District gains City support in quest for Port funding to reopen Westview School Building NCR 
February 11 -- B. C. private school enrolment spikes following teachers' strike
February 11 -- Several B. C. schools will be selected to test personalized learning
February 5 -- B. C. report cards enter the age of social media
February 4 -- BC Lions fill the House at Prince Rupert Middle School NCR
February 3-- Changing educate to meet new needs
February 3-- B. C. teachers adapting, but not union
February 2 -- New School playground (video)
February 1-- Basic math not adding up for some parents


January 31 -- Education Experts Dish on Best Learning Practices
January 30 -- School District 52 prepares for 2015-16 Kindergarten registration in February  NCR
January 30-- Roosevelt School the latest to benefit from Prince Rupert Port Authority Community Investment Fund  NCR
January 26 -- Vancouver forum to examine need for education reform
January 26 -- School District invites the public to their budget presentations tonight  NCR
January 21 -- Standardized tests in three subjects now underway in B. C. schools
January 8-- Big changes coming in education, predicts retiring Superintendent in Vancouver area
January 8-- Annunciation School accepting applications for Kindergarten 2015  NCR
January 7-- Why are so many parents opting out of B.C.'s renowned public schools?

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