Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Highways Department responds to City's inquiries on Galloway Rapids Access area

Galloway Rapids Viewpoint, with bridge in background
Highway 16 east of Prince Rupert.
Concerns raised by Prince Rupert City Council regarding garbage accumulating at the Galloway Rapids Access Area appear have been addressed by the Province's Highways Department.

The topic was first raised by then Councillor Gina Garon on October 6th, with City Council then tasking City Staff to contact the Highways officials regarding the situation.

At the time, then Mayor Jack Musallem had suggested that the City Manager advise the province in his letter that the city was considering cleaning up the area itself and then forwarding the bill to the province.

From that initial correspondence, an investigation into the situation was conducted by the Highway's Department and it was determined that the standards of attention to the area were being met by the local maintenance contractor O'Brien Road and Bridge.

In a letter to the City Administrator Rory Mandryk,  Highway's officials advised that they will be asking local staff to work with O'Brien's to ensure that attention remains focused on that area and to discourage any depositing of waste at the location in the future.

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