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Industrial Development 2015 -- Fairview Container Terminal

Our quick reference  and archive of items pertaining to the operation and expansion plans of the Fairview Container Terminal in Prince Rupert.

DP World Prince Rupert Website



December 22 -- Vancouver land issues offer opportunities for Prince Rupert to take advantage of NCR
December 15 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority and DP World gaze south for potential expansion of Fairview Terminal  NCR


November 20 -- Port of Prince Rupert lines up a new container line with prospect of more to come  NCR


October 14 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority, CN Rail take North Coast message to China  NCR
October 9 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority heralds arrival of first visit from 2M Shipping alliance  NCR


August 19 -- Maersk Shipping Line introduces Prince Rupert to its East-West Network  NCR
August 14 -- Port of Prince Rupert to investigate construction of intermodal Rail/Truck yard on South Kaien Island  NCR
August 10 -- Fairview Port Protests continue (video)
August 6 -- Protest over Fairview Phase Two contract work shifts to Port offices at Atlin Terminal  NCR


July 28 -- Canadian National to use Prince Rupert's Fairview Terminal as blue print for Alabama ambitions  NCR
July 28 -- Canada's ports eating our lunch, eyeing our dinner
July 22 -- Fairview traffic climbs
July 20 -- Fairview Terminal Expansion firms launch website for community updates  NCR
July 14 -- New route for container trucks?


June 18 -- Protest over Fairview Expansion hiring (video)
June 18 -- First nations workers protest Fairview Terminal expansion contracts going to out-of-town firms


May 19 -- Ill will lingers over U. S. longshore labour dispute


April 17 -- Fairview Terminal viewing area closed (video)
April 17 -- Port announces closure of Container Viewing area during construction phase  NCR
April 16 -- Fariview Hiring Protest over Brush clearing contract  (video)
April 7 -- Global giants target Rupert
April 2 -- Fairview Terminal Purchase (video)
April 2 -- CN celebrates planned Fairview Terminal expansion with new video presentation  NCR
April 2  -- DP World to purchase Fairview Terminal in Prince Rupert for $580 million, examine further expansion
April 2 -- Major World Port Operator to acquire Maher Terminals - Fairview Terminals Operations  NCR
April 1 -- Quickload eyes in-town location


March 31 -- Quickload shift to old Canadian Freightways yard heads for public hearing stage  NCR
March 20 -- Shovels hit the ground for Phase Two Expansion NCR
March 18 -- Port turning to rail to remove in-town trucking
March 18 -- Quickload preparing for a move
March 11 -- Prince Rupert Port expansion (video)
March 11 -- Fairview Expansion announcement makes for major media splash across Canada and beyond  NCR
March 10 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority Announces Phase Two expansion for Fairview Container Terminal  NCR
March 9 -- Fairview up, but total tonnage down
March 9 -- Special announcement planned by Prince Rupert Port Authority for Tuesday  NCR


January 21 -- Fairivew expansion expected soon

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