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Industrial Development -- LNG Development (General Overview Notes for 2015)

Our quick reference and archive of items pertaining to items of a general nature regarding the proposed LNG developments for the North Coast and other items of interest on LNG.



November 5 -- Plans in motion for study of marine safety and environmental factors for Prince Rupert area  NCR
November 5 -- Premier Clark meets with energy company officials during Chinese tour  NCR


October 28 -- No slides, no notes and nary a Facebook post from Council when it come stop LNG conference  NCR
October 13 -- B. C. LNG industry ready to take 'final steps': Finance Minister
October 13 -- As LNG conference for B. C. arrives, world picture changes dramatically  NCR
October 13 -- Annual LNG conference features many speakers on NW projects  NCR
October 10 -- Public review of natural gas project is needed


September 23 -- Fraser Institute study explores cost of delays for LNG in British Columbia  NCR
September 22 -- The case for pushing back B. C.'s LNG deadlines
September 14 -- Four LNG projects will be built in B. C. but not in the order you expect: analysis
September 11 -- British Columbia LNG ambitions in the spotlight with major media reviews today  NCR
September 10 -- B. C. to be lead regulator of LNG terminals, even on federal port lands
September 11 -- TRICORP to benefit from $250,00 partnership with Gas Pipeline firms  NCR
September 11 -- First Nations struggle for unanimity on LNG
September 10 -- Price weakness, construction costs cast B.C. LNG projects into doubt: report
September 8 -- B.C. Environmental Assessment board cancels Nexen’s fracking water licence
September 3 -- B. C. LNG industry will increase fracking-caused earthquakes: expert
September 3 -- 'Window of opportunity' for new LNG projects is gone because of supply glut, consultancy says  


August 19 -- B. C. gas drilling a relative bright spot in collapsing Canadian energy sector
August 19 -- Emptying oilsands camps eye LNG projects for potential boost: "Are we excited" Yeah'
August 7 -- Louisiana leapfrogs B. C. on LNG


July 27 -- B. C. Liberals' LNG job numbers overstated, report claims
July 23 -- B. C. not prepared to consider more LNG concessions - and it shouldn't
July 20 -- B. C. Liberals face some friendly fire from LNG industry
July 20 -- Industry proponents suggest more relief may be required on LNG (video)
July 14 -- Is the B. C. LNG industry real?  Yes
July 1 -- Shifts in energy markets adjust time frame for B. C. LNG proponents


June 20 -- Ministers acknowledge LNG emissions
June  8 -- Clarity needed on aboriginal title and B. C.'s trillion-dollar LNG plan
June 5 -- International Energy Agency forecasts cloudy skies over B. C.'s LNG ambitions NCR
June 4 -- B.C. LNG facilities may not be built until after 2020, report says
June 4 -- Demand for LNG revised downward amid plunging oil, coal prices: IEA Report


May 29 -- The world won't wait for B. C.'s LNG
May 29 -- Premier Clark touts LNG and Site C megaproject dreams as B. C. legislature adjourns
May 29 -- B. C. just might be getting played by the LNG industry
May 28 -- B. C. Premier Christy Clark calls LNG, Site C 'big accomplishments'
May 28 -- Where the LNG industry currently is at in British Columbia
May 27 -- B.C. First Nations Chief creates alliance for LNG supporters amid backlash
May 27 -- B. C.'s fledgling LNG boom continues on an uncertain path
May 27 -- Exports won't hurt Canada's energy security, LNG sector says
May 26 -- LNG prosperity fund as elusive as 'debt-free' B.C.'
May 26 -- LNG industry in B. C. threat to environment and energy security: study
May 26 -- BC Natural Gas Reserves inflated, Revenues overstated, Report finds
May 26 -- A Clear Look at BC LNG (CCPA Report)
May 22 -- John Horgan ventures out onto the LNG tightrope
May 21 -- Will NDP walk into liquefied natural-gas trap set by Clark government?
May 19 -- LNG tankers don't pose the same spill risks
May 4 -- LNG industry launches publicity push to spread corporate message  NCR
May 4 -- Lelu Island LNG opponents continue to push to stop development  NCR


April 7 -- Mayor Brain outlines his LNG GO Plan to province wide radio audience  NCR


March 25 -- Mayor outlines details of LNG Go Plan
March 16 -- B. C's energy future is subject to world events
March 15 -- Three LNG projects lead the pack in B. C.
March 15 -- B. C.'s Energy Future; science, economics and blind faith all have roles in energy decisions
March 14 -- B. C. shouldn't delay its liquefied natural gas plans
March 13 -- Don't count B. C. out of global LNG game
March 3 -- LNG exports from Canada a distant prospect, analyst says
March 3 -- Canadian Gas Export Projects Seen Overcoming Energy Price Slump
March 3 -- B. C.'s major projects inventory hits pause button


February 27 -- Tax break a cash windfall for potential LNG developers in B. C. : UBC professor
February 27 -- Canada's LNG marathon man: pioneering the dream from coast to coast
February 26 -- MP questions Prime Minister's Math on LNG industry tax breaks
February 26 -- B. C. LNG projects unlikely to produce by 2020: analysts
February 26 -- B. C. still on track for LNG exports
February 19 -- Pipeline builder hopes for Positive Decision on LNG Terminal
February 17 -- Deputy Premier introduces Bill to regulate LNG industry in federal ports  NCR
February 18 -- What's behind Buffett's exit from Big Oil
February 13 -- Canada looking at LNG tax breaks in federal budget: document
February 13 -- Conservatives studying LNG tax breaks in federal budget
February 12 -- B. C. Government at a loss for words over LNG's future
February 11 -- Throne Speech Dials Back Province's LNG Expectations
February 11 -- Who knew LNG dreams would fade?
February 10 -- Chevron's LNG spending cuts to hit Northern B. C.
February 10 -- B. C. throne speech marked by muted LNG predictions
February 10 -- B. C. throne speech lacks bold LNG predictions
February 10 -- B. C. throne speech highlights diverse economy but lacks bold LNG predictions
February 8 -- Final LNG route cost not known
February 6 -- LNG not B. C.'s only skills challenge
February 4 -- Stewart World Port: the big LNG port in a tiny Northern B. C. town
February 3 -- BG blames oil price collapse for massive write down on its QCLNG project in Gladstone
February 3 -- BG writes off $6 billion and sees more job cuts after oil price plunge
February 2 -- Douglas Channel LNG on track to make final investment decision this year
February 2 -- What US$50 oil really means for Canada's economy


January 30 -- Small-scale LNG projects in British Columbia nudge ahead
January 30 -- Chevron profits fall to lowest since 2009 as oil prices collapse
January 29 -- Shell warns of over-reactions to price drops, as Aspenleaf flees
January 29 -- Oil plunge smokes Shell's net income and now the energy giant is slashing spending by US$15 billion
January 26 -- Kitselas First Nation receives funding for Environmental Assessment Participation NCR
January 24 -- LNG moving target moves some more
January 24 -- Oil-price crash means Clark's LNG vision remains a fairy tale
January 23 -- Premier adapts LNG planning, blames tough economy
January 22 -- LNG group forecasts thousands of B.C. construction jobs
January 23  -- Clark confident in LNG future
January 22 -- Oil slide won’t wipe out B.C.’s bottom line, premier says
January 22 -- U. S. Financial analysts give Kitimat the advantage in LNG development timeline NCR
January 19  -- Alliance president talks up LNG at Coalition meeting
January 19 -- Province Signs More LNG Benefits Deals
January 19 -- Gitxaala sing LNG pipeline benefits agreement
January 16 -- Collapsing oil prices a mixed blessing for Canadian companies
January 16 -- LNG may have a future in B. C. after all
January 15 -- LNG proponents not working to B. C. Liberal's schedule
January 13 -- B.C. seems poised for a few LNG terminals
January 13 -- Canadian communities study tax impact of proposed LNG facilities
January 12 -- B. C. government errs on the side of optimism with LNG plants
January 12 -- Doomsayers are wrong: LNG industry very much alive
January 9 -- B. C.'s LNG Industry explained (video)
January 8 -- "No white knight coming": Distressed natural gas producers hunker down amid new energy reality
January 8 -- Harvard Report sees many hurdles on BC's LNG horizon  NCR
January 8 -- Coleman firms up LNG timeline, sort of
January 7  -- Province sets long term role for LNG pipelines  NCR
January 7 -- Oil price drop 'hurdle' to B.C. LNG, says Harvard University study
January 7 -- More First Nations signing on in support of LNG projects in northern B.C.
January 7 -- LNG is a game of snakes and ladders
January 7 -- What could be better than LNG, Hydro? Our guests throw LG into the ring
January 6 -- LNG fuels housing price boom in northwestern B. C.
January 4 -- Will B. C. capitalize on LNG?
January 2 -- Almost $60 billion in Canadian projects in peril as 'collapse' in oil investment echoes the dark days of 1999

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