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Industrial Development -- LNG Development International (General Overview Notes for 2015)

Our quick reference and archive of items pertaining to items of a general nature regarding the proposed LNG developments world wide and the potential impact on LNG in British Columbia  for  2015


October 13 -- As LNG conference for B. C. arrives, world picture changes dramatically  NCR
October 12 -- LNG projects go from bonanza to break-even
October 11-- Need for LNG plants debated
October 10 -- Projects falter as LNG's promise falls short
October 9 -- 85 of 90 planned LNG export terminals unnecessary, report says
October 8 -- 85 Gas projects Dying on the Vine as LNG"s Promise Falls Short


September 22 -- B. C. LNG industry could miss out on billions if delays continue: report
September 16 -- Alberta investment group tags four LNG projects as likely to move forward in the Northwest  NCR
September 15 -- Southeast Conference receives an update on LNG development on the North Coast (video)
September 15 -- Prince Rupert hosts Southeast Conference; LNG Discussion among topics


July 9 -- North Coast First nations form Tsimshian Environmental Stewardship Authority  NCR
July 7-- Federal Government to provide funding towards Clear Seas initiative on marine safety and spill response  NCR


June 4 -- Woodside muscling onto BG-Shell turf with global LNG push


May 28 -- Chevron shareholders vote for political spending
May 28 -- Shell names top executive to lead BG integration
May 27 -- Transformation of Australia's energy industry driven by many factors
May 26 -- Turn Out the Lights: Australia Calls Commodity Spending Boom End
May 25 -- Inpex, Chevron facing delays as worries grow on LNG start-ups


February 19 -- Centrica annual profits fall by 35%
February 18 -- What's behind Buffett's exit from Big Oil
February 17 -- Australia's LNG market a "slow train' crash says Credit Suisse analyst
February 13 -- LNG tankers lie unused around Singapore as gas downturn turns to crisis
February 11 -- Hundreds of Queensland jobs slashed as oil price tumbles
February 10 -- A change of leadership at the top, as Malaysia deals with oil crunch  NCR
February 10 -- BG's Boss constrained by Testing Times
February 9 -- BG parachutes turnaround CEO in early after $6 bln write down
February 9 -- No let-up on oil and gas costs despite price bump, producers say
February 9 -- Petronas in Leadership Change as Oil Slide hits Malaysia
February 6 -- Chevron set to share oil crash pain with Australian contractors
February 3 -- BG blames oil price collapse for massive write down on its QCLNG project in Gladstone
February 3 -- Australian LNG Wrtiedowns Loom on Oil Slump after BG posts loss
February 2-- Exxon's Profit Drops 21% a Production declines
February 2 -- BP to partly shut Indonesia LNG plant in Q2


January 30 -- Shell shelves Arrow LNG project in Queensland
January 26 -- Tumbling Oil prices could mean $30b hit for Australia's LNG exports
January 26 -- Global gas prices to sink further in coming months
January 25 -- Petronas awards JGC Bintulu LNG expansion deal
January 20 -- Bernstein sees U. S. LNG plants scrapped as Buyers look elsewhere
January 20 -- Malaysia Stresses No Need to Panic While Cutting Forecast
January 20 -- Oil woes force Malaysia to widen fiscal deficit, cut growth forecast
January 20 -- Trafigura, BG Group buy LNG in Australia's North West Shelf tender
January 19 -- ExxonMobil Progresses with P'nyang LNG Field Development
January 19-- Saudi Arabia can last eight years on low oil prices, says former adviser
January 18 -- LNG to Snap 4-Year Run as Sub-$10 Price Seen Amid Oil’s Decline
January 11 -- Despite falling oil and gas prices, Alaska LNG project on track
January 9 -- LNG slump in Asia puts growth in doubt
January 8 -- LNG demand not materializing in Asia
January 7 -- Oil industry facing a year of cuts and job losses Moody's says
January 6 -- Falling Short: A Reality Check for Global LNG Exports
January 2 -- BG Group keeps Egyptian energy sector on radar

More on LNG issues and links to individual projects can be found on our Archive page 

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