Thursday, January 8, 2015

MLA Rice urges North Coast residents to seek positions on Rural Advisory Council

With a deadline coming up fast, North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice is taking the message to her constituents to consider participation as a member of the Rural Advisory Council.

The Council is a project which  offers up an opportunity for residents of the region to provide impartial and independent advice to the government on important issues for rural development.

Ms. Rice outlined her thoughts on the Council and its importance to the region through a press release issued on Wednesday.

“I strongly encourage residents to apply for the Rural Advisory Council. Sitting on councils such as this are one of the best ways to directly influence government and the decisions that are being made about resource development in our region.”  ...  “For those that feel they are not having their voices heard, this is a chance to speak up. I hope that some residents from our region apply so that the North Coast can be represented on this Council.”

The Rural Advisory Council is the creation of the Provincial Government and recognizes the need for a voice for rural citizens to ensure that those communities remain strong and thriving across the province.

Among some of the key functions of the Regional Advisory Council is a focus in stimulating better rural access to capital, developing stronger business development support and advancing the rural dividend.

The Council is accepting applications until Friday. 

Some of the requirements for participation as a member of the Rural Advisory Council include;  identifying relevant business, economic development and community experience, and expressing their personal vision for supporting rural economies. 

All are elements that should be included as part of any application made for the Council program.

Those that are interested in the Rural Advisory Council can learn more about it here, if inclined to participate you can submit your application, cover letter and resume here.

The names of those who are selected to be members of the Rural Advisory Council will be announced in the early part of this year.

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