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Municipal Government 2015 -- City of Terrace

Our Quick reference and archive of items from Terrace that come up for discussion  in 2014.

City of Terrace website

Items of Note for 2015


October 7 -- LNG brings 'sharpest remarks' at Terrace all candidates forum
October 3 -- Business owner protests sign removal by the city
October 1 -- Terrace council approves gas bar/convenience store


September 30 -- Homeless face tough conditions in Terrace woods
September 29 -- Terrace city council endorses pipeline projects
September 24 -- Access being improved at busy Keith intersection
September 23 -- Terrace to form group to tackle homeless problem
September 17 -- Terrace residents rally to aid Syrian refugees
September 15 -- Terrace city council holds off on gas pipeline support letter
September 9 -- Hotel company eyes major Terrace project
September 2 -- Sande Overpass work in Terrace (video)


August 13 -- Northwest B. C. benefits alliance meets in Terrace
August 12 -- Overpass
August 12 -- Terrace overpass work to start soon
August 11 -- Terrace council approves rezoning for huge Bench development
August 11 -- Terrace housing sales decline but prices increase
August 6 -- Developer firm about Terrace housing plan
August 2 -- Construction of northwestern B. C. overpass to start in 2017
August 1 -- Yvonne Moen named Freeman of the City of Terrace


July 30 -- Northwest B. C. rock quarry promises more communication
July 23 -- City economic arm to get overhaul
July 18 -- City hears from new political party, parks group
July 17 -- City closes $1 million land sale on Keith Avenue
July 14 -- Contractor admits 'Men Working' sign discriminates
July 14 -- Gay pride rainbow crosswalk coming to Terrace
July 14 -- City shuts down TEDA
July 14 -- Terrace chamber of commerce hires new director
July 4 -- Terrace area watering restrictions in place
July 2 -- Thornhill fire chief makes career move
July 2 -- Crowds celebrate Canada Day in Terrace


June 25 -- Property taxation payment deadline extended for some regional district residents
June 23 -- Terrace housing development worries residents
June 20 -- Housing effort stymies city, says Terrace mayor
June 19 -- Affordable housing needed in northwestern B. C. 
June 18 -- Terrace lookout gets better seating
June 18 -- Head of non-profit housing association says federal government must step up funding
June 17 -- Lakelse Lake Fire update (video)
June 17 -- Mayor wasn't expecting announcement that spells end of door-to-door delivery in Terrace
June 17 -- Northwest jobs picture (video)
June 16 -- Terrace affordable housing project on hold
June 16 -- Small wildfire at Lakelse Lake
June 16 -- Firefighters take on blaze near Lakelse Lake
June 15 -- High fire risk endangers Terrace and area
June 15 -- Skeena Firezone Fire risk warning
June 15 -- Social Justice fundraiser in Terrace (video)
June 15 -- Terrace Foundation awards inaugural grants (audio)
June 15 -- Terrace vacancy rate increases, but so does rent (audio)
June 15 -- Five groups receive first grants from foundation
June 15 -- Terrace paving work continues
June 13 -- Dry spring spells fires in north
June 12 -- Canada Post outlines timeline for end of door to door delivery for two Northwest Communities  NCR
June 12 -- Terrace residents ask for aboriginal equality
June 11 -- Medical staff added to Terrace law suit
June 11 -- Terrace and Kitimat will move to community mailboxes next year
June 11 -- Former Terrace official wins award
June 10 -- Canada Post ends door-to-door delivery in Terrace
June 10 -- City loses top official to private sector
June 10 -- Time for Truth, Reconcilliation
June 6 -- More child care announced for Terrace
June 5 -- Terrace Youth Centre celebrates achievements (video)
June 5 -- Northwest Mayors settle in for Convention weekend in Edmonton  NCR
June 3 -- Terrace and Thornhill depend on each other for a variety of reasons


May 27 -- City of Terrace officials in China
May 27 -- Cardboard next on dump ban list
May 25 -- Terrace submits bid to host national aboriginal hockey championship
May 20 -- What's that destination: The Millennium Trail
May 13 -- City of Terrace passes 'lean and mean' budget
May 12 -- Tim Horton's intersection to be overhauled
May 6 -- Bid to host Aboriginal youth hockey championships moves forward
May 1 -- Terrace Mayor retires from day job


April 30 -- Homeless Count rises in Terrace
April 28 -- Terrace City Council turns down airport request for development fee exemption
April 25 -- Major hockey tourney bid being prepared
April 22 -- Ultimately the province will call the shots
April 16 -- Thornhill group charts own path for the future
April 9 -- Terrace council backs subsidized daycare


March 31 -- More recycling options for Terrace region
March 29 -- Glass recycling shift to start for Terrace and area
March 26 -- New Terrace housing proposal (video)
March 25 -- Thornhill commercial core to get sewer connection
March 25 -- Thornhill needs more volunteer firefighters
March 24 -- Terrace Council Approves New Townhouse Development
March 24 -- Sewer system coming to Thornhill
March 23 -- Plans underway for a new Arena in Hazleton
March 19 -- Traffic lights, turn lanes to be added to Sande overpass
March 18 -- Former Terrace Mayor awarded provincial appointment
March 17 -- The debate over Thornhill's future? That's happened before
March 17 -- Full time bylaw officer coming to Terrace
March 11 -- Terrace zoning bylaws enter 21st century
March 11 -- City of Terrace to hike garbage collection fee
March 10 -- Terrace City Council to lend support to Stewart over Border closure (video)
March 10 -- Terrace council opposes Stewart border crossing 
March 5 -- Million dollar reno underway at BC Housing complex
March 4 -- City of Terrace treads lightly on Thornhill
March 3 -- Skeena Valley Golf Course denied city money


February 28 -- Haugland Ave. residents to pay for paving
February 28 -- Terrace city council boosts grants thanks to surplus
February 26 -- Terrace Fire Department looks for volunteer recruits (video)
February 26 -- Terrace Fire Department is Looking for Volunteer Firefighters
February 25 -- Blue Bag express
February 25 -- Just stop it, says regional district board to group opposing dump plan
February 23 -- Delegate suggests City of Terrace was business tax
February 20 -- To Amalgamate or Not ...
February 20 -- Province questions Incorporation for Thornhill
February 20 -- Thornhill's future might include joining Terrace, suggests province
February 19 -- Terrace Healthy Living
February 17 -- Terrace City Council gives work camp liquor permit the thumbs up
February 15 -- City recognizes heritage building in downtown B. C.
February 12 -- Kitimat-Stikine regional district directors vote themselves a raise
February 12 -- City gets creative with carbon offset money
February 12 -- Terrace needs more volunteer firefighters
February 12 -- City grant requests spark Terrace council debate
February 11 -- Senior's housing Survey later this year
February 9 -- Regional district directors receive marching orders
February 4 -- Thornhill director not happy with Terrace chamber


January 30 -- Northwest B. C. leaders speak out against racism
January 27 -- Quebec company digs into Terrace development
January 27 -- Terrace business group makes play for Thornhill study
January 27-- Terrace Splash Park Proposal Gets City's Blessing - But Location Still in Question
January 26 -- Pipeline proponent visits Northwest Councils
January 26 -- Population fell in Several Northwest Communities in 2014
January 21-- After years of rising property tax rates, City of Terrace aims for zero tax hike
January 21-- Municipal wages will increase in Terrace
January 20-- Terrace institutions pitch for budget money
January 19 -- Zoning, Thornhill, by law officers, and budget participation surface in Terrace council chambers
January 14 -- Terrace Park to be named for slain RCMP Officer
January 8-- Work camp liquor debate coming to council
January 8-- Terrace council gets down to business
January 6-- Regional District goes from rent to own with purchase of building
January 6-- Terrace property values skyrocket

Archive of items from 2014
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