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Municipal Government 2015 -- District of Kitimat

Our Quick reference and archive of items from Kitimat that come up for discussion  in 2014.

District of Kitimat website

Items of Note for 2015


July 9 -- Kitimat's modernization project splits some of the district's residents (audio)
July 4 -- Kitimat public facilities remain closed nearly 1 month after strike (audio)


June 18 -- Researchers to see if Douglas Channel at Tsunami Risk  (audio)
June 18 -- Lowest level of total employment in Northwest in a decade (audio)
June 17 -- LNG Canada export Terminal in Kitimat gets Enviornmental Approval
June 17 -- Northwest Jobs Picture (video)
June 17 -- Kitimat LNG gains environmental approval for proposed development (video)
June 12 -- Canada Post outlines timeline for end of door to door delivery for two Northwest Communities  NCR
June 11 -- Kitimat Strike Finally Over
June 11 -- Deal ratified  - Kitimat Municipal worker's strike is over
June 11 -- Terrace and Kitimat will Move to Community Mailboxes Next Year
June 10 -- Deal negotiated between Unifor and the District of Kitimat  (video)
June 9 -- Tentative Deal reached in Kitimat Municipal Strike
June 5 -- Northwest Mayors settle in for Convention weekend in Edmonton  NCR
June 4 -- Day Four of the Environmental hearings into Rio Tinto Alcan's operations (video)
June 3 -- Rio Tinto Alcan hearings in Kitimat continue (video)
June 2 -- Mediation tried again to Settle Kitimat Civic Strike
June 1--  RTA Sulphur hearings (video)


May 29 -- Kitimat Chamber Urges District, Union to continue Talking; Union rejects Binding Arbitration
May 28 -- Binding arbitration rejected in Kitimat Municipal strike
May 28 -- Another roadblock in negotiations in Kitimat (video)
May 27 -- KUTE remains open (video)
May 26 -- Union says Deal Could be Near in Kitimat Municipal Strike -- If District Decides What It's Offering
May 25 -- Kitimat Civic Workers Labour Dispute update (video)
May 25 -- Union Submits "Bedrock Position" as Kitimat Municipal Worker's strike nearly three months old
May 25 -- District of Kitimat proposing binding arbitration
May 21-- New Playground coming to Kildala School as Parent's reach massive fundraising goal
May 20 -- New playground for the Kitimat region (video)
May 6 -- Union has Not-so-Nice Words for Outgoing Kitimat CAO
May 6 -- Unifor has harsh words for departing municipal official (video)
May 5 -- District of Kitimat CAO Moves on
May 5 -- Kitimat Strike impact on residents (video)
May 5 -- Ron Poole leaves Kitimat position (video)
May 4 -- Kitimat Olive Branch (video)


April 28 -- Rio Tinto Alcan Reaction to environmental concerns (video)
April 28 -- Appeal hearings begin on RTA's Emissions Permit
April 23 -- Kitimat Recycling Depot Shutdown looming, New Volunteers needed
April 23 -- KUTE shutdown looms in Kitimat (video)
April 23 -- Kitimat Strike Mediation Breaks Down
April 21 -- Kitimat Strike Emotions (video)
April 10 -- Unifor calls on District of Kitimat to Accept mediation
April 9 -- Kitimat Bargaining update (video)
April 9 -- Arbitration, Mediation possible in Kitimat Strike
April 9 -- In a Reverse, the District of Kitimat Serves Local Union 72-Hour Notice to accept offer
April 8 -- Kitimat Council vs Union (video)
April 8 -- District of Kitimat vs the Union, the War Continues
April 7 -- Kitimat Union rally planned (video)
April 7 -- Rally in Support of Striking Municipal Workers planned for Kitimat tonight
April 6 -- No signs of settlement as Kitimat Municipal Strike enters Week 6
April 2 -- Union reacts to District "Fact Sheet" as Kitimat Municipal strike Drags On


March 30 -- After a week of Tussling, Both Sides in the Kitimat Strike May be Ready to Bargain, Again
March 30 -- Endless Kitimat Municipal strike (video)
March 25 -- No end in sight for Kitimat labour dispute
March 24 -- Negotiations in Kitimat Municipal strike break down (video)
March 24 -- It's "War" Between the Two Sides in the Municipal Workers Strike in Kitimat
March 4 -- Kitimat Municipal Strike update for Wednesday (video)
March 3 -- Kitimat Strike Update (video)
March 3 -- Tempers Flare As Striking Municipal Workers Picket Kitimat Council Meeting
March 2 -- Kitimat's municipal strike (video)
March 2 -- Municipal workers Strike begins in Kitimat
March 2 -- Kitimat Municipal Strike: District News Release
March 2 -- Kitimat Municipal Strike: Unifor Local 2300 News Release


February 27 -- Kitimat Municipal Strike situation (video)
February 27 -- Municipal Workers in Kitimat prepare for Strike action - Impacts already being felt
February 27 -- Kitimat Labour Dispute
February 26 -- Kitimat preparing for Possible Strike Action
February 26 -- Clock Ticking towards Possible Municipal Workers Strike in Kitimat
February 13 -- Kitimat workers favour strike, but notice not served
February 13 -- Boat Owners at Kitimat Area Marinas are trying to reduce their boats after last week's Massive storm
February 12 -- Kitimat Municipal workers take strike Vote as negotiations bog down


January 16-- Ceremony held to mark transfer of MK Bay Marine to Haisla ownership

Archive of items from 2014
Archive of items from 2013 and 2012 can be found here.

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