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Municipal Government 2015 -- District of Port Edward

Our archive of items about Municipal Government and Development in Port Edward



December 11 -- Port Edward Trailer Park evictions (video)
December 9 -- Trailer Park evictions in Port Edward (video)
December 9 -- Stonecliff Properties serve immediate eviction notices to Port Edward trailer park tenants


October 14 -- Port Edward Train Crossing upgrades (video)


September 16 -- Business in Vancouver zeroes in on Port Edward's place in the LNG landscape  NCR
September 10 -- No Access to Port Edward Boat Launch during repairs today and Friday  NCR
September 9 -- Northwest Community Readiness provides update to Port Edward Council


August 31 -- Port Edward trailer court shutdown date arrives
August 21 -- When it comes to forward momentum for development, Port Edward seems to be on a quicker pace  NCR
August 17 -- RCMP discuss presence, response in Port Edward
August 17 -- Northwest leaders meet on Resource Benefits Alliance  NCR
August 14 -- Northwest BC Resources Benefits Alliance to hold Summit on Revenue Sharing NCR
August 13 -- LandSea Camp Services outlines plans for North Coast Open Camp in Port Edward
August 12 -- Zoning for Port Edward subdivision formally passed
August 12 -- District of Port Edward approves funding for final bypass engineering work
August 10 -- Port Edward residents to get look at proposed housing development  NCR


July 29 -- Prince Rupert, Port Edward share more than $6 million in government funding
July 28 -- Prince Rupert infrastructure funding announcement  (video)
July 28 -- Infrastructure tour arrives on North Coast with funding for projects  NCR
July 27 -- A Port Edward primer from the Vancouver Province  NCR
July 22 -- For two Mayors, LNG means a new start
July 21 -- Mayors of Prince Rupert, Port Edward discuss LNG opportunities at BC Legislature
July 21 -- North Coast Mayors speak on LNG from steps of the Legislature  NCR
July 16 -- Port Edward officials reflect on fire response
July 15 -- Proponent clears first hurdle for multi-family development in Port Edward
July 7 -- Trailer Home Owners face eviction in Port Edward (audio)
July 7 -- Port Edward trailer park residents willing to fight to stay in park (audio)
July 6 -- Major fires prompt Port Ed evacuations, Rupert landmark destroyed
July 4 -- Port Edward brush fire breaks out
July 3 -- Port Edward Fire Rescue respond to major fire in the District  NCR
July 3 -- Wampler Way bypass delayed


June 18 -- What we have here, is a failure to communicate  NCR
June 17 -- Port Edward planning birthday
June 16 -- Port Edward poised to crack down on No Parking violators  NCR
June 11 -- RCMP seeks public assistance on Port Edward theft file  NCR
June 11 -- Prince Rupert landfill controversy (video)
June 10 -- Increased fee for landfill use raises the ire of Port Edward council


May 29 -- Port Edward worker accommodation plans questioned at council meeting
May 28 -- Rash of thefts hits Port Edward
May 26 -- Plans outlined for Port Edward logistic park
May 15 -- RCMP respond to policing concerns in Port Edward
May 4 -- Question period debated in Port Edward


April 30 -- No tax increase for Port Edward despite $982,500 capital projects plan
April 25 -- Rash of vandalism strikes Port Edward
April 16 -- Port Edward Councillor, CAO visit Petronas site in Malaysia


March 27 -- District of Port Edward begins planning for 50th Anniversary
March 18 -- Port Edward sounding the whistle on noisy trains


February 24 -- Election financing Math proves a little less complicated in Port Edward  NCR
February 20 -- North Coast Mayors meet with Community Minister Oakes on infrastructure and other issues  NCR
February 10 -- Port Edward bus fares along with Rupert
February 2 -- Whistling solution near in Port Edward


January 30 -- Port Edward future (video)
January 30 -- Port Edward future
January 29 -- Resident calls for more openness in Port Edward
January 21-- Chamber pushing for more flights, dock upgrades
January 20 -- Port Edward Work Camps (video)
January 20-- Port Edward Work Camps
January 5-- BC Assessments released for 2015 NCR

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