Monday, January 5, 2015

Municipal Government -- Discussion Points from Prince Rupert City Council 2015

Our Quick reference and archive of items from Civic Departments, or on issues that come up for discussion at City Council Sessions in 2015. As well as any other notes of relevance to Prince Rupert.

The Archive of our City Council Meeting Previews, Reviews and Timelines can be found here.

Items of Note for 2015


December 21 -- Prince Rupert claims its spot in BC Business Best Cities for work review  NCR
December 18 -- City makes it official, one less public council session for 2016  NCR
December 17 -- New collective agreement provisions poste to City of Prince Rupert website NCR
December 16 -- Mayor Brain welcomes Fairview expansion prospects, seeks consultation on traffic concerns  NCR
December 14 -- City Press release heralds Port Support for Hays 2.0 plan  NCR
December 10 -- Fraser Street rebuild goes on pause; while other infrastructure projects move forward NCR
December 10 -- Housing Committee hopes to pick up the pace on housing issues in the New Year  NCR
December 9 -- Prince Rupert Council Cannery Resolution (video)
December 9 -- Council to review Community Enhancement Grants process in January  NCR
December 9 -- UFAWU leadership speaks to City Council seeking support on fishery issues NCR
December 9 -- Kanata School land zoning review to be delayed until January NCR
December 9 -- Despite some opposition during Public Hearing process, Council approves zoning change for Stiles Place Development NCR
December 7 -- Prince Rupert Council to receive presentation from UFAWU at tonight's session NCR
December 7 -- City Staff anticipates 2 per cent increase to property taxes for 2016  NCR
December 7 -- Council to Review Community Enhancement Grant Applications tonight  NCR
December 4 -- Alaskans give consideration to exit from Prince Rupert for AMHS service  NCR
December 4 -- City to host Public Hearing on Stiles Place condo development  NCR
December 4 -- CityWest payment to City of Prince Rupert is $400,000 for 2015  NCR


November 30 -- For the Alaska Ferry, Everything Old  ... is new again!   NCR
November 27 -- Hawkair decision leaves much up in the air for the community  NCR
November 27 -- Hays 2.0 gets splashy launch on City website  NCR
November 26 -- Recreation Directors outlines report details and request for increased fees for Recreation Services  NCR
November 26 -- Grants in lieu of taxes process nets Prince Rupert 51,000 dollars for 2015 NCR

November 26 -- BC Minister Fassbender tours Terrace area to speak on funding initiatives  NCR
November 25 -- Rusbhrook Boat Launch closed at times until Friday, as crews look to bring project to an end NCR
November 25 -- Council to reveal community vision planning this week NCR
November 25 -- Task Force created to address Canfisco job losses NCR
November 25 -- Council moves zoning change process ahead for Prince Rupert Boulevard NCR
November 25 -- Stiles Place Development to go to Public Hearing phase NCR
November 23 -- Council to revisit Height restrictions in downtown area, as well as proposed Stiles Place Development  NCR
November 20 -- City Council to consider Recreation fee increase at Monday session  NCR
November 17 -- City updates infrastructure projects for November  NCR
November 12 -- Councillor Mirau heads to Vernon for Cities Fit for Kids Summit  NCR
November 12 -- Colonial Coal seemingly still casting a gaze at potential of Watson Island  NCR
November 11-- Councillor Thorkelson highlights concerns over unemployment issues at Monday's Council session  NCR
November 11 -- Mayor Brain hopeful of progress on affordable housing situation in 2016 NCR
November 10 -- Rich Coleman's Affordable Housing tour takes him to Penticton  NCR
November 9 -- Council looks to reduce number of public session by one for next year  NCR
November 6 -- Rushbrook Boat Launch Facility closure extended  NCR
November 5 -- City recognizes long serving employees  NCR
November 5 -- Housing lessons for Prince Rupert? Province heralds new affordable housing development in Victoria NCR
November 5 -- Federal Cabinet selections could play major role in Northwest issues  NCR
November 3 -- Pulp Mill auction plans in place for old Skeena Mill assets (video)
November 3 -- Prince Rupert road closures owing to waterman work on east side (video)
November 3 -- Skeena Pulp Mill assets to go to online Auction November 18 & 19  NCR
November 3 -- Broken Water main makes for re-routed travel on East side of city  NCR
November 2 -- City seeks manager for Earl Mah Aquatic Centre  NCR 
November 2 -- Bleacher issue resolved for Recreational Basketball League  NCR


October 20 -- Prince Rupert Facebook Updates (video)
October 30 -- City's Re:Build Rupert program gets a progress list  NCR
October 29 -- Prince Rupert Council takes "neutral" stance on Pacific NorthWest LNG project  NCR
October 29 -- Just in time for Halloween, the ghosts of Watson Island return  NCR
October 28 -- Council hears of request for extended transit hours in community  NCR
October 28 -- No slides, no notes and nary a Facebook post from Council when it comes to LNG conference  NCR
October 28 -- Housing update highlights funding issues and cross subsidization concepts  NCR
October 28 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG provides update for City Council on project planning  NCR
October 26 -- Special Events Society to suggest shift to Canada Day for Civic Recognition Awards  NCR
October 26 -- Tonight's Council session to feature report related to 3rd Avenue Sidewalk Rehabilitation project  NCR
October 22 -- City of Prince Rupert moving forward with leasing plans with Horizon North for property along Wantage Road  NCR
October 22 -- Watermain valve failure on east side of Prince Rupert (video)
October 22 -- City crews work late into night on water main break on east side of the city  NCR
October 21 -- City announces Sidewalk repairs on Third Avenue (video)
October 20 -- Condition of Third Avenue Sidewalks to be addressed through Re:Build Rupert NCR
October 14 -- Dispute between Civic Centre and facility users bubbles over on Facebook  NCR
October 13 -- Oil leak in tanks at Prince Rupert's Moresby Park (video)
October 13 -- A voice to share the City's message  NCR
October 13 -- City to host recruitment drive for Volunteer Services  NCR
October 10 -- City to tackle environmental issues in Moresby Park  NCR
October 7 -- Councillor Cunningham wants to get Heritage Society back to work NCR
October 7 -- A get out the vote primer from Councillor Thorkelson NCR
October 7 -- Cunningham's quest; some workers for the managers to manage! NCR
October 7 -- Pistol Packing in Prince Rupert? NCR
October  7 -- Confusion over Parking lots sends Permissive Tax Bylaw back for further study NCR
October 7 -- Same goals, different approaches for Council members on the issue of affordable housing in Prince Rupert NCR
October 1 -- Prince George information project would fit in nicely with Prince Rupert Council's engagement process  NCR
October 1 -- Work to start in October on Rushbrook Boat Launch improvement project  NCR


September 30 -- Mayor Brain's manifesto?  NCR
September 30 -- Prince Rupert fares better than most Northwest communities in CFIB tax gap study  NCR
September 25 -- A new Marina needs a Manager; City on the search for Cow Bay Marina boss  NCR
September 23 -- Tax Sale Season set to arrive in the Northwest on September 28th  NCR
September 22 -- UBCM Convention makes for five days of discussion on municipal issues  NCR
September 22 -- Prince Rupert Council to raise a number of issues in UBCM discussions  NCR
September 21 -- A busy year at the Human Resources office at City Hall  NCR
September 21 -- City on the hunt for Junior Economic Development Officer  NCR
September 18 -- City Council's Masonic Hall debate highlight's industrial land use issues  NCR
September 17 -- Prince Rupert Homeless issues (video)
September 16 -- Homeless situation a topic of much interest at Monday's Council session NCR
September 16 -- Monday's Legacy Corporation Annual Information Meeting was a little lacking in actual information NCR
September 16 -- Council moves forward with Masonic Hall rezoning proposal, allowing for warehouse for MacKenzie's furniture NCR
September 15 -- Southeast Conference receives an update on LNG development on the North Coast (video)
September 15 -- Prince Rupert hosts Southeast Conference; LNG Discussion among topics
September 15 -- City of Prince Rupert adopts Bylaw amendment, MacKenzie Furniture to use Masonic Hall for Storage
September 15 -- Masonic Hall rezoning approved (video)
September 15 -- Southeast Conference underway today in Prince Rupert  NCR
September 14 -- Legacy Corporation Update part of Council Session for Monday night  NCR
September 14 -- Masonic Hall rezoning subject of Public hearing tonight  NCR
September 10 -- Cow Bay Bridge closed to traffic as City works on maintenance and upgrades NCR
September 9 -- Prince Rupert Council members face busy September of meetings and conventions  NCR
September 9 -- City of Prince Rupert lowers Mariner's Park flags in memory of weekend fishing vessel victims  NCR
September 8 -- A summer of Civic Labour settlements across British Columbia  NCR
September 7 -- Council's Permissive Tax Exemptions give Community Groups and other organizations more financial room to work with  NCR
September 6 -- Storage proposal moving ahead
September 5 -- Prince Rupert council votes to return 100 per cent tax exemption
September 4 -- City adds to the growing list of job opportunities with more postings for September  NCR
September 4 -- Prince Rupert in the running for $10,000 award from Open for Business Awards  NCR
September 3 -- Council approves Mayor's trip to Cities Fit for Children Summit in November NCR
September 3 -- Masonic Hall rezoning proposal to go to Public Hearing stage September 14th NCR
September 2 -- Masonic hall rezoning process in Prince Rupert (video)
September 2 -- East side residents to get first look at Kanata school property housing proposals next week  NCR
September 2 -- Mayor Brain accepts Terrace's Terry Fox challenge (video)
September 1 -- Port PILT payment reduction and Airport Ferry costs take the spotlight in City Report tonight NCR
September 1 -- City launches search for Manager of Community Development and Civic Innovation  NCR


August 31 -- Watson Island legal process seems designed to carry on until February of 2017  NCR
August 26 -- Go Plan Survey final results released
August 26 -- Re:Design Rupert revealed at Council session
August 26 -- Impoundment yard rezoning done
August 21 -- When it comes to forward momentum for development, Port Edward seems to be on a quicker pace  NCR
August 21 -- Port authority providing $71,600 interest free loan to ensure timely completion of Lester Centre roof replacement
August 21 -- More LNG Go Plan math with Professor Krekic  NCR
August 20 -- City Moves forward with re-zoning approval for creation of impound yard in Yellowhead Centre NCR
August 20 -- Tourism Prince Rupert looks to chart a stakeholder driven course for the future NCR
August 20 -- Re:Think, Re:Build, Re:Design ... new mantras for a new Prince Rupert? NCR
August 20 -- Housing issues again dominate Council's attention, leading to some heated discussion NCR
August 20 -- Councillors Thorkelson, Cunningham at odds with Mayor over Agenda addition and concerns on land use NCR
August 18 -- Prince Rupert Impound Lot Bylaw adopted (video)
August 17 -- Regional leaders sign resource benefits MOU
August 17 -- Resource Benefits Alliance meeting in Terrace (video)
August 17 -- Northwest leaders meet on Resource Benefits alliance  NCR
August 17 -- Rezoning for Yellowhead Centre area subject of Public hearing tonight  NCR
August 17 -- Council to outline successful bidder for Lester Centre roof replacement tonight NCR
August 14 -- Northwest BC Resource Benefits Alliance to hold Summit on Revenue Sharing  NCR
August 13 -- Northwest B. C. benefits alliance meets in Terrace
August 11 -- Re:Build Rupert planning to be another focus for Council, though details still somewhat unknown  NCR
August 7 -- City's Annual Report comment period deadline fast approaching  NCR
August 6 -- City of Prince Rupert opens Application process for Community Enhancement Grants for 2016  NCR
August 5 -- Contract awarded for Watson Island cleanup
August 5 -- North Coast fishing season projected to be one of the worst yet
August 5 -- Christmas in July on the North Coast
August 5 -- City releases details on next stage of Watson Island Pulp Mill Clean Up  NCR
August 5 -- August sees continuation of City's hiring blitz  NCR
August 5 -- Federal Government adds two million dollars to Cow Bay Marina project  NCR
August 4 -- City to make application regarding Watson Island effluent and air emissions  NCR


July 29 -- Prince Rupert waterline upgrades (video)
July 29 -- Southeast Conference making plans for September conference in Prince Rupert  NCR
July 29 -- Prince Rupert's water supply project to replace 2.2 kilometres of 100 year old pipe  NCR
July 29 -- Northern Health provides update on Rupert plans
July 29 -- Prince Rupert, Port Edward share more than $6 million in government funding
July 29 -- City releases preliminary Go Plan Survey data
July 28 -- Prince Rupert infrastructure funding announcement  (video)
July 28 -- Infrastructure tour arrives on North Coast with funding for projects  NCR
July 28 -- Cow Bay Marina project showing signs of progress  NCR
July 28 -- Prince Rupert shut out from Monday's funding flurry  NCR
July 27 -- Prince Rupert's Cow Bay Rainbow Crosswalk crowd funding plans  (video)
July 24 -- Condominium proposal sparks council debate around planning for future development
July 24 -- Prince Rupert lane closure controversy (video)
July 24 -- Mr. Krekic's LNG Go Plan snapshots  NCR
July 23 -- Council hears more concerns over 2015 Salmon Season NCR
July 23 -- Councillor Thorkelson to seek Public Information session on land use in Prince Rupert NCR
July 23 -- Kanata School lands rezoning sparks more discussion at Council NCR
July 23 -- Borden Street residents approach Council regarding proposed lane closure NCR
July 23 -- Councillor Thorkelson outlines concerns related to Downtown condo proposal NCR
July 22 -- Cow Bay Rainbow Crosswalk project looks to crowd funding to raise money  NCR
July 22 -- For two Mayors, LNG means a new start
July 22 -- Mayor outlines City's Airport Master Plan
July 21 -- LNG GO Plan results outlined (video)
July 21 -- Mayors of Prince Rupert, Port Edward discuss LNG opportunities at BC Legislature
July 21 -- North Coast Mayors speak on LNG from steps of the Legislature  NCR
July 21 -- Preliminary results of Prince Rupert's LNG Go Plan released
July 20 -- First glimpse of proposed development for Bill Murray Way  NCR
July 20 -- City to announce Four appointees to the Prince Rupert Library Board  NCR
July 20 -- Council to move on Kanata School rezoning tonight  NCR
July 20 -- City to announce Four appointees to the Prince Rupert Library Board  NCR
July 20 -- No progress yet on Cow Bay's Rainbow Crosswalk  NCR
July 20 -- Mayor outlines city's Airport Master Plan
July 17 -- Prince Rupert recreation department looking to develop fee structure for the coming years
July 16 -- Campfire Ban for Prince Rupert lifted by City of Prince Rupert  NCR
July 14 -- New route for container trucks?
July  9 -- City to wait until late Summer, or Fall to deliver public update of LNG Go Plan NCR
July 9 -- Prince Rupert renews commitment to Child Friendly status NCR
July 8 -- Warning signs for the North Coast Salmon Fishery for this year?  NCR
July 8 -- Council approves contract award for Airport Master Plan  NCR
July 8 -- Concerns over Graham Avenue road extension dominate Park Avenue Public Hearing  NCR
July 7 -- Provincial Fire Ban now includes City of Prince Rupert  NCR
July 6 -- City Council to take second shot at zoning issues on Park Avenue development with Public Hearing tonight  NCR
July 3 -- Homeless offer voices to Go Plan Survey
July 3 -- Oceanview project delayed due to technicality
July 2 -- Park Avenue Housing Development to get Second Public Hearing  NCR


June 29 -- Fraser Street Rehabilitation Project is now underway  NCR
June 29 -- July brings more job opportunities with the City of Prince Rupert  NCR
June 26 -- Condos proposed on Bill Murray Drive
June 25 -- Park Avenue proposal receives petition push back  NCR
June 25 -- Proposed condo development offers dramatic shift to downtown housing options NCR
June 25 -- About the City Council Timeline for Monday, June 22  NCR
June 23 -- Prince Rupert Condo Project (video)
June 23 -- Prince Rupert Hospice Initiative (video)
June 23 -- City Questionnaire on Housing Needs to launch Thursday  NCR
June 23 -- NWCC President looks to meet with City Council for college overview NCR
June 22 -- Social and Non-Profit Housing issues discussed at Terrace conference  NCR
June 22 -- Policing expenses, Pension payments and legal fees top the list of City's payments for 2014 NCR
June 22 -- City of Prince Rupert provides overview of Civic salaries and expenses for 2014 NCR
June 18 -- What we have here, is a failure to communicate  NCR
June 15 -- Land developer charges approved by council
June 17 -- Get ready for major change
June 12 -- Canada Post outlines timeline for end of door to door delivery to two Northwest Communities  NCR
June 12 -- Councillor Thorkelson shares the word: "BC Housing is looking for units to purchase in Prince Rupert NCR
June 12 -- Former residents of Neptune Inn find housing for now NCR
June 12 -- Area residents to get first comments for proposed rezoning of Masonic Hall NCR
June 12 -- Councillor Thorkelson looks to include Senior's housing in Park Avenue Development planning NCR
June 12 -- Council looks to introduce Development Charges for future developments NCR
June 12 -- Council gives approval to Rainbow Crosswalk plan for Cow Bay NCR
June 11 -- Prince Rupert landfill controversy (video)
June 10 -- Prince Rupert Hospital Service Report (video)
June 10 -- Increased fee for landfill use raises ire of Port Edward council
June 9 -- Rainbow Crosswalk approved for Cow Bay in Prince Rupert (video)
June 9 -- Prince Rupert looks to get a handle on the city's housing crunch  (audio)
June 9 -- City's Go Plan Survey now under way  NCR
June 8 -- Prince Rupert considers Rainbow Crosswalks (audio)
June 8 -- Council looks to award contract for Landfill Expansion project this evening  NCR
June 8 -- Prince Rupert's Rainbow Crosswalk one step closer to approval  NCR
June 8 -- City's hiring push continues on into June  NCR
June 8 -- Mayor Brain takes to his Facebook page to reassure residents over Northern Health Report  NCR
June 5 -- Northwest Mayors Tour oilsands (audio)
June 5 -- Northwest Mayors settle in for Convention weekend in Edmonton  NCR
June 4 -- Moneysense magazine still not convinced things are turning around for Prince Rupert  NCR
June 1 -- Prince Rupert Housing survey (video)
June 1 -- Go Plan Survey information campaign launched  NCR


May 28 -- Looking to help Prince Rupert's homeless (audio)
May 28 -- Mayor Brain to head to Edmonton for Federation of Canadian Municipalities Meetings in June  NCR
May 28 -- City still to make a decision on rent breaks for Civic Centre rentals  NCR
May 27 -- Councillor Thorkelson expresses frustration over ongoing issues of homelessness in Prince Rupert  NCR
May 27 -- Housing Survey set to move forward in weeks to come  NCR
May 27 -- Legacy Fund won't be used for Fire Department purchase  NCR
May 27 -- Fraser Street Rehabilitation project to run through summer  NCR
May 27 -- Tender awarded for Fraser Street Rehabilitation
May 26 -- Familiar names return to Tourism Prince Rupert Board  NCR
May 25 -- Time for the City to pay for its new Fire Department ride  NCR
May 25 -- Paving plan posted to City website for 2015  NCR
May 25 -- Council to move Fraser Street Rehabilitation project forward at tonight's meeting  NCR
May 25 -- Four to be named to Prince Rupert Airport Board  NCR
May 22 -- They're here ... City Tax Bills begin to arrive in local mailboxes  NCR
May 21 -- Aboriginal Housing proposal in Prince Rupert (video)
May 20 -- City of Prince Rupert ready to accept applications for casual labour pool  NCR
May 15 -- Mayor Brain says end to the Watson Island situation will come this year  NCR
May 15 -- City Hall ... Soon to be the new hiring hall for the North Coast  NCR
May 14 -- Third time's the charm for Mayoralty pay bump ...
May 13 -- City Manager speaks to main points of Council's Spring update NCR
May 13 -- Council members to attend Housing Forum in Terrace  NCR
May 13 -- City to partner with local groups in Homelessness housing initiative  NCR
May 12 -- Council's Spring Update outlines plans for spending and growth, adding a few surprises along the way  NCR
May 11 -- Hiring Season at City Hall NCR
May 11 -- City Council to introduce new Recreation Commission members at tonight's council session NCR
May 11 -- City of Prince Rupert pass $1.3 million planning for Major Projects budget, moves Mayor to full time
May 8 -- Final day for Local Government sessions in Prince George  NCR
May 7 --  Local listeners seek Council's support to expand CBC Service to the North Coast  NCR
May 7 -- India Avenue Housing proposal gets Council approval, but not without controversy  NCR
May 6 -- Raising taxes, waiving rents?
May 5 -- Kaien Road Recycling Centre to expand hours  NCR
May 4 -- Council's housing moves thus far trending to the upper end of the pricing spectrum  NCR
May 1 -- John Farrell takes a seat on the Port's Board of Directors  NCR


April 30 -- About our City Council Timeline for this week ...   NCR
April 29-- Grad parents seek free rental of the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre for Prince Rupert prom
April 28 -- Prince Rupert Council approves executive accommodation rezoning after lengthy debate
April 28 -- Brain takes LNG Go Plan to Parliament Hill
April 27 -- City council takes aim at proposed college cutbacks
April 27 -- Community Group to outline concerns over CBC programming for council tonight  NCR
April 27 -- Civic Centre rent once again an issue for a local group  NCR
April 27 -- Public Hearing and further consideration of India Avenue Housing proposal by Council this evening  NCR
April 21 -- City approves rezoning despite SD52 objection
April 21 -- Road Closure raises parking concerns
April 17 -- Greenwell Asset Management open to various tenants at India Avenue development
April 17 -- Developers outline vision and details of Park Avenue housing proposal
April 17 -- Prince Rupert Council may have some fences to mend with the School District  NCR
April 16 -- Pot Hole Season a hot topic for Council on Monday evening NCR
April 16 -- Re-roofing project to go ahead for Earl Mah Aquatic Centre NCR
April 16 -- Councillor Thorkelson's historical review: City of Prince Rupert faced potential Provincial trusteeship in 2005 NCR
April 16 -- Prince Rupert Council and Lax Kw'alaams Council meet in day long session NCR
April 16 -- City staff highlights the merits of the Rushbrook Improvement Area Fund for council  NCR
April 16 -- Proposed Annunciation lane closure, prompts parking concerns from United Church NCR
April 16 -- India Avenue housing proposal moves forward to Public Hearing stage NCR
April 16 -- Despite concerns from School District 52, Prince Rupert Council moves Quickload Terminals rezoning forward NCR
April 15 -- Point the blame for taxes south
April 15 -- Examining Prince Rupert's plan for growth
April 13 -- Council to receive presentation on Mountain View Executive Suites project NCR
April 13 -- Port of Prince Rupert seeks City's support in hydro issues related to Fairview Terminal  NCR
April 13 -- Council to hear of $200,000 improvement to Rushbrook Floats, as well as other Rushbrook issues tonight  NCR
April 13 -- Rezoning review for old Canadian Freightways Yard goes to Public Hearing tonight  NCR
April 13 -- Council to sit is Special Closed Session for Monday evening  NCR
April 10 -- Prince Rupert Marina Project gets underway  (video)
April 10-- Prince Rupert's Cow Bay Marina project gets underway  NCR
April 10 -- Exxon Mobil to provide Lot 44 site update in a couple of months NCR
April 10 -- Mayor updates Council on Housing Committee progress NCR
April 10 -- Homecoming Committee Rent reduction request to be examined by city staff NCR
April 10 -- Councillor Mirau's motion spurs on discussion on need for new ideas on revenue generation for the city NCR
April 10 -- Council takes first steps towards adoption of 2015 Budget NCR
April 9 -- City Council approves two per cent increase to mill rate
April 9 -- Nathan Cullen joins Prince Rupert Council's quest for tax fairness  NCR
April 8 -- Revitalization of rundown park considered
April 8 -- No Resolutions from Prince Rupert of North Central Local Government Convention in May  NCR
April 7 -- Prince Rupert McKay Street Park Project (video)
April 7-- Homecoming Committee has concerns over rent of Civic Centre for May event  NCR
April 7 -- Mayor Brain outlines his LNG GO Plan to province wide radio audience  NCR
April 7 -- City's Financial Department to seek out one dollar more on this year's tax bill  NCR
April 6 -- Transition Prince Rupert opens the discussion on the McKay Street Open Space  NCR
April 3 -- Public meeting scheduled regarding Park Avenue Housing rezoning issue  NCR
April 3 -- City of Prince Rupert looking for members for Recreation Commission  NCR
April 2 -- City to seek members for two Board Positions  NCR
April 1 -- Who is paying a fair share?
April 1 -- Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP to tackle Port Act
April 1 -- Free parking sought at Rushbrook
April 1 -- Legacy Corporation Archive page  NCR
April 1 -- City of Prince Rupert looks to find some help for the City Planner  NCR


March 31 -- No bounty of jobs from herring fishery for local shore workers NCR
March 31 -- City Council hires Dr. Barb Faggetter as "resident scientist"  NCR
March 31 -- Quickload shift to old Canadian Freightways yard heads for public hearing stage  NCR
March 31 -- Rushbrook Floats issues received by City Council  NCR
March 31 -- Proposed West Side Housing Development moves to public notification stage NCR
March 31 -- City of Prince Rupert looks to increase pressure on Province on taxation caps  NCR
March 31 -- City will not make use of Legacy Fun for budget shortfall issues NCR 
March 26 -- Fishermen seeking repairs and rate reductions at Rushbrook Floats
March 25 -- Prince Rupert Legacy Inc. funds to be used for growth, not city operations
March 25 -- Mayor outlines details of LNG Go Plan
March 25 -- Port tax cap "killing our small business sector", says Prince Rupert mayor
March 25 -- John Farrell appointed to Prince Rupert Port Authority board of directors
March 24 -- Developer outlines plans for new housing area in Prince Rupert
March 24 -- Fighting for Alaska ferries
March 24 -- Prince Rupert's Rushbrook Boat Launch in Need of Repair
March 23 -- Result of Southeast Conference in Juneau, Alaska
March 23 -- Council to consider Zoning issues related to proposed Housing Development off of Park Avenue NCR
March 18 -- Prince Rupert Taxation Cap Issues  (video)
March 18 -- Prince Rupert Port's Taxation Cap
March 18 -- Mayor Brain outlines the Prince Rupert view of shared concerns with Alaska  NCR
March 18 -- City's new GIS map outlines land use
March 17 -- Looking for Allies for Prince Rupert's taxation cap fight with the Province  NCR
March 16 -- Prince Rupert delegation heads north for Marine Highway discussions  NCR
March 16 -- Higher taxes remain on council's table
March 13 -- Council urged to "think outside of the box" when it comes to some infrastructure issues  NCR
March 13 -- Monday night delivered a glimpse of the future for community engagement from City Council  NCR
March 13 -- City recognized for energy efficiency
March 13 -- City of Prince Rupert gathers input with live voting sessions
March 12-- City looks to pick up RCMP detachment replacement issue where they left off in 2012 NCR
March 12 --Council points to Province and Feds for joint ownership on some of the City's current woes NCR
March 12 --Small in number, but engaged with questions as Prince Rupert residents weigh in on Budget discussions NCR
March  9 -- Nathan Cullen seeks Prince Rupert Council's support for Bill C-628 NCR
March 9 -- Lingering questions on the Legacy Corporation NCR
March 9 --Cow Bay Marina plan to move ahead after weekend announcement NCR
March 9 -- Pulp mill demolition goes out for bid
March 7 -- Construction of Cow Bay marina starting in March
March 6 -- City's Budget Presentation Monday to feature community engagement through electronic voting  NCR
March 5 -- Greenwell Asset Management hosts open house for executive housing project
March 4 -- Prince Rupert Budget Presentation (video)
March 4 -- City given final notice of inadequacy from RCMP
March 3 -- Preliminary budget figures show shortfall
March 2 -- Time has come for RCMP detachment replacement


February 27 -- Prince Rupert Budget Report (video)
February 27 -- Prince Rupert Budget Report
February 27 -- Recommended Community Grant disbursements outlined in City Budget Presentation NCR
February 27 --Councillor Thorkelson suggests Mayor Brain bring a message to Alaska meetings next month  NCR
February 27 -- Councillor Cunningham wants to see City Council representation on Cruise Ship Task Force NCR
February 27 -- Not even a whisper about Watson Island in the City's Budget Overview NCR
February 26 -- Traffic congestion at Civic Centre from ANBT raised at Council  NCR
February 26 -- Airport Ferry to sail with $925,000 subsidy in 2015  NCR
February 25 -- CityWest provides dividend forecast for City Council NCR
February 25 -- RCMP deliver final letter related to new detachment requirements NCR
February 25 -- City Council receives first public review of Budget preparations for 2015 NCR
February 25 -- City Council divides up the work for two City Housing Committees NCR
February 25 -- Housing Committees take shape at Prince Rupert Council meeting
February 24 -- Financial statements show Mayor Lee Brain spent more than $23,000 on campaign
February 24 -- Elections BC delivers Prince Rupert's Financial Review for Municipal Election 2014  NCR
February 24 -- Mayor says city is ready for LNG boom
February 20 -- North Coast Mayors meet with Community Minister Oakes on infrastructure and other issues  NCR
February 20 -- Terms for Housing Committee to be examined at Monday's Council meeting NCR
February 20 -- Rice raises Prince Rupert infrastructure concerns in the Legislature
February 18 -- MLA Rice takes North Coast infrastructure concerns to Legislature  NCR
February 18 -- City Service and Utility bills begin to drop into homeowners mailboxes  NCR
February 16 -- Prince Rupert Housing Project (video)
February 16 -- New Housing Project in Prince Rupert
February 16 -- Conversion of church raises questions
February 16 -- City hoping for Grant money
February 16 -- City lays groundwork for Housing Committee
February 13 -- Council procedures continue to create confusion and spark discussion at City Hall NCR
February 13 -- Councillor Thorkelson looks for civic engagement on fishery issues on the  horizon  NCR
February 12 -- Council considers possible shift in Housing Commission plans NCR
February 12 -- East side housing proposal faces a number of questions at City Council NCR
February 12 -- School District gains City support in quest for Port funding to reopen Westview School Building NCR 
February 12 -- Council moves forward with Grant Applications, placing Water Supply project as highest priority NCR
February 12 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG provides project update to Prince Rupert Council NCR
February 12 -- City's Heritage Committee steps aside, setting stage for potential creation of Commission NCR
February 11-- Heritage Advisory Committee members Stepping Down in Prince Rupert
February 11-- Heritage Advisory Committee (video)
February 11-- Brain leaves job to focus on mayor's role
February 10 -- Infrastructure priorities and Gran opportunities to get a review at tonight's Council session  NCR
February 10 -- Council to set terms for Housing Committee at tonight's session  NCR
February 9 -- Pacific NorthWest LNG seeks more input from public, set to deliver update to Prince Rupert City Council   NCR
February 5 -- Prince Rupert City Council engagement (video)
February 4 -- Prince Rupert City Council seeks nominations for two key Committees  NCR
February 4 -- City seeks new means of public engagement
February 3 -- Cullen/Rice letter to Tourism Prince Rupert outlines early comment son Alaska Ferry Terminal issue NCR


January 30 -- Alaska Ferry Terminal as an international indicator  (video)
January 29 -- Prince Rupert Council gives final approval to Transit Fare Increases  NCR
January 28 -- Prince Rupert Mayor not concerned about Alaska Terminal upgrade delay
January 28 -- Council waives Arena Rental fee for Guns and Hoses Charity Game NCR
January 28 -- Procedural concerns make for lengthy discussion at Monday's council session NCR
January 28 -- Council moves Transit Fare increases forward, but with some changes to the BC Transit recommendations NCR
January 28 -- Northern Health provides City Council with an outline of its Healthy Communities Program NCR
January 28 -- Council gets preview of Northern Growth Conference planned for March NCR
January 27 -- Prince Rupert Transit Fare Changes (video)
January 27 -- Prince Rupert Council passes transit fare changes
January 23 -- Prince Rupert experiences highest population decline in BC in 2014
January 22-- Fulton and Third area lighting to get an upgrade  NCR
January 20-- Alaska doesn't blink after Ferry Terminal moves by Ottawa  NCR
January 20-- A rough launch for the new Council  NCR
January 19-- Despite talk of boomtown prospects, BC Stats suggest Prince Rupert's population dropped in 2014  NCR
January 19-- Federal Government continues the fight against Buy America provisions for Alaska Ferry Terminal project  NCR
January 17-- City of Prince Rupert signs Memorandum of Understanding with Northwest BC Resources Benefits Alliance  NCR
January 15-- Councillor Thorkelson takes issue with some of the Chamber of Commerce Airport Ferry Report findings NCR
January 15-- Council to take first steps in creating a Small Business Task Force in 2015 NCR
January 14-- City puts in motion plan to develop Mayor's Select Standing Committee on Housing NCR
January 14-- Council to review salary increase for Mayor as part of Budget Process NCR
January 14-- City Council makes committee appointments for 2015 NCR
January 14-- BC Transit proposed route changes and fare increases for Prince Rupert/Port Edward NCR
January 14-- Adrian Liu awarded Civic Merit Award NCR
January 14-- City Council member outlines concerns over brevity of council minutes NCR
January 13-- Transit changes (video)
January 13-- Mayor Brain offers snapshot of first few weeks at the helm  NCR
January 12-- Prince Rupert City Council to divvy up the workload this evening NCR
January 7-- Stakeholders: Digby Island Ferry not a hinderance
January 7-- Highways Department responds to City's inquiries on Galloway Rapids Access area  NCR
January 5-- BC Assessments released for 2015 NCR

Archive of items from 2014 can be found here.
Archive of items from 2013 and 2012 can be found here.

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