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Archive of Seismic Events and Information items for 2015

Our Archive of  Seismic events and related information of interest to the residents of the North Coast.



December 30 -- Victoria temblor timely reminder of need for earthquake preparation  NCR


November 22 -- Third mild temblor of weekend reported off of Haida Gwaii NCR
November 21 -- 4.1 magnitude earthquake recorded off southern tip of Haida Gwaii   NCR


October 22 -- 4.4 temblor recorded along Pacific Fault line south of Haida Gwaii this afternoon NCR
October 14 -- British Columbia prepares for the Great Shake Out 2015  NCR
October 9 -- Just a bubbling up under the sea near Dixon Entrance  NCR


September 24 -- Morning earthquake of 5.5 magnitude rumbles along fault line off Vancouver Island NCR
September 22 -- Second temblor of the week rumbles off of Vancouver Island  NCR
September 19 -- Saturday temblor recorded west of Vancouver Island  NCR
September 16 -- Chilean earthquakes put Pacific coastal areas on alert for potential Tsunami activity NCR


August 17 -- 4.4 magnitude earthquake recorded west of Vancouver Island  NCR


July 31 -- Second temblor of the week recorded Northwest of Port Hardy  NCR
July 29 -- 4.8 magnitude temblor reported Northwest of Port Hardy  NCR


June 11 -- Ketchikan, Craig AK declared "Tsunami ready"



April 24 -- Queen Charlotte Mayor calls mid-size Haida Gwaii earthquake 'a bit of relief'
April 24 -- 6.1 magnitude earthquake near Haida Gwaii
April 24 -- No reports of damage after 6.1 magnitude quake off Haida Gwaii
April 24 -- 6.1  magnitude earthquake strikes B. C.'s northern coast
April 24 -- "It shook me up" - 6.1 magnitude quake his B. C.'s north coast
April 24 -- Earthquake reported off B. C. coast (video)
April 24 -- Significant earthquake reported off coast of B. C.
April 24 -- 6.1 earthquake hist north coast of B. C.
April 24 -- Earthquakes rattle West Coast and B. C. Interior
April 24 -- 6.1 magnitude earthquake hits B. C.'s north coast (video)
April 8 -- Haida Gwaii is where science is watching for a major B. C. earthquake  NCR


March 27 -- B. C. is not ready for the big One
March 25 -- Earthquake hits off Vancouver Island coast
March 19 -- Prince Rupert residents can learn more on Tsunami preparations next week  NCR
March 16 -- More seismic movement off Vancouver Island, with 4.0 quake recorded this morning  NCR
March 4 -- 4.5 magnitude earthquake Northwest of Port Hardy  NCR


February 18 -- 4.1 magnitude temblor SW of Port Hardy Wednesday evening  NCR
February 18 -- Minor earthquake rattles Juneau; no damage reported
February 15 -- 3.4 magnitude earthquake hits Vancouver's coast
February 15 -- Small quake strikes coastal B. C. 


January 25-- 5.0 magnitude earthquake off of Haida Gwaii  NCR
January 24 -- B. C. megathrust earthquake: people unprepared despite warnings
January 20 -- Megathrust earthquake off B.C. coast extremely likely but might not strike for centuries
January 19-- Parchena Bay predicted for next big quake (video)
January 18-- Earth will ‘rip open like a zipper’ when overdue Vancouver Island quake strikes
January 18-- Vancouver Island will rip open like a zipper when overdue earthquake strikes (video)
January 10-- Shaky Ground: Few in B. C. are prepared for the sleeping monster that could awake at any time
January 9-- Tofino-area hot springs run cold after quake, but rebound quickly
January 8-- How to survive a west coast earthquake and tsunami (video)
January 7-- Tofino rattled by 4.8 magnitude earthquake Wednesday evening NCR
January 6-- Cluster of moderate earthquakes shares up the ocean floor
January 4-- Mini- B.C.quakes could be foreshocks: expert
January 3-- 4.2 magnitude earthquake 200 km West of Port Hardy  NCR
January 2 -- 5.2 magnitude earthquake recorded overnight Southwest of Bella Bella  NCR

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