Friday, January 9, 2015

Tourism Blogger highlights attractions of the Northwest in January review

One of many photos
from the collection of
Fran Reisner's trip
through the Northwest
A trip from the summer of 2014 is still holding fond memories for travel blogger and award winning photographer Fran Reisner, who highlights her journey to the North Coast in a January post to her  ongoing journal of North American Travel.

Her journey is one that a true adventurer would clearly find exhilarating, starting back in 2011 she's travelled through some amazing country both in the USA and in Canada, this past summer bringing her and her Winnebago to our corner of the continent.

Her trek through the Northwest and on to the North Coast brought her to view a number of familiar stops for local residents, but perhaps some are places that locals have yet to take the time to explore themselves.

Should that be the case, her latest entry to her blog will certainly give you some cause to make some plans for this summer.

Of her highlights on the North Coast, a trip into the Khutzeymateen stands out, featuring stunning photos of the journey into that pristine wilderness just north of Prince Rupert. It makes for a review that no doubt will encourage those that read her work to give some thought to their own trip to our part of the world.

Ms. Reisner's snapshot of time in the Northwest can be found here, featuring some fascinating photography and an ability to capture the nature of the North Coast like few reviews have so far.

For a full review of her journey of the last three years, the entire collection can be examined here.

You can find more items related to tourism on the North Coast from our archive pages.

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