Friday, January 2, 2015

Transportation on the North Coast and Northwest 2015 -- Highway 16 corridor

Our quick reference and archive of items pertaining to the Highway 16 corridor and other roads of the Northwest.



December 15 -- Provincial Government delivers Highway 16 corridor update, still holds back on highway shuttle concept  NCR


November 27 -- BC to make Highway 16 more accessible to heavy haulers
November 16 -- Highway cameras will be useful this winter for travellers along Highway 16  NCR


October 28 -- Council hears of request of extended transit hours in community  NCR


September 30 -- Winter tire rules go into effect tomorrow  NCR


July 28 -- Prince Rupert shut out from Monday's funding flurry NCR
July 27 -- Infrastructure funding announcements in Terrace (video)
July 27 -- Highway 16 to receive major funding for overpass between Prince Rupert and Terrace  NCR
July 20 -- Special Transit rates in Terrace for Riverboat Days (video)


May 1 -- BC Transit changes now in effect for Prince Rupert and Port Edward  NCR


April 16 -- Voice of BC -- Transportation issues in BC with Todd Stone (video)
April 13 -- Rainbow Summit latest location for Highway 16 Monitoring Camera NCR


March 20 -- BC on the Move (video)
March 20 -- New Provincial Transportation Plan Announced Called "BC on The Move"
March 20 -- Province debuts 10 year transportation plan through BC on the Move Program NCR
March 19 -- Drive BC adds third highway camera to Prince Rupert to Terrace stretch of Highway 16  NCR


February 26 -- Traffic congestion at Civic Centre from ANBT raised at Council  NCR
February 25 -- MLA Rice raises questions on Transportation Ministry consultations on Highway 16 NCR
February 25 -- NDP Seeks Highway 16 Safety Consultation Notes
February 25 -- MLA Jennifer rice wants answers about Highway of Tears
February 25 -- Did the government really meet with First Nations leaders about the Highway of Tears (audio)


January 29 -- Prince Rupert Council gives final approval to Transit Fare increases  NCR
January 28 -- Council moves Transit fare increases forward, but with some changes to the BC Transit recommendations  NCR
January 14-- BC Transit proposes route changes and fare increases for Prince Rupert/Port Edward NCR
January 13-- Transit changes (video)
January 2-- New Move Over regulations in effect on BC Roads in 2015  NCR

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