Wednesday, June 1, 2016

City Council receives briefing on wolf concerns in the community from Terrace conservation officer

Conservation Officer Gareth Scrivner provided
City Council with an update Monday
on the wolf situation in Prince Rupert 

The topic of recent wolf encounters in the city made for the topic of a presentation to Prince Rupert City Council on Monday, as Officer Gareth Scrivner of the Terrace Conservation Office appeared at Council with a review of some of the past activities over the early Spring.

His presentation provided some background into the recent string of wolf sightings in the community and the steps that the Terrace based Conservation officers took to address the issue. Which the service attributed to one particular wolf that they suspect had been rejected by the pack and had moved further into the city to seek prey.

As part of his presentation Scrivner noted that the estimated size of the Kaien Island pack is around twelve or thirteen wolves, adding that the level of complaints made to the Terrace office is on par with those of past years.

In response to a number of questions from Council members, the Conservation Officer provided some further information related to how residents can reduce the chance of any encounters, and reminded those living on the North Coast that they need to report any incidents to the Terrace office so they can take further action if required.

As for how to deal with wolves that may be found in the populated area of the region, he noted that residents should not provide any food for the animals, if they do come across a wolf and believe there is danger they should yell at the animals, appear large and throw sticks or stones at them to scare them off.

He also recommended that the City of Prince Rupert post information signs at local trail heads and area walkways providing some background on the nature of the Kaien Island pack for residents.

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As well, the full presentation is available for review from the City's Video Archive.

It starts at the 18 minute mark.

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