Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Councillor Cunningham seeks timeline for introduction of new shuttle bus to airport

The continued use of the old Blue Bird
Bus for Airport shuttle duties was a topic
for discussion on Monday night
Monday's City council session found Councillor Cunningham seeking a bit of clarification from the Mayor on the status of the city's new airport shuttle bus.

Mr. Cunningham, who no doubt is speaking for many that travel by way of the Prince Rupert Airport noted for Council that in some recent travels through YPR over the last month, he had once again found himself taking a seat on the old Blue Bird school bus.

A form of transportation that city has suggested was nearing its end for service in Prince Rupert back in April.

Mayor Brain observed that at the time of the published photo that it had been noted that the buses weren't ready for service at that time, but would be introduced soon. As well, on Monday he advised Council that the shuttle buses are to undergo a wrapping process.

A procedure that is apparently accounting for its lack of service on the Downtown to Airport run, with Mayor Brain suggesting that the new bus may be on the route by the middle of June.

The City trumpeted the arrival of the new shuttle with a stream of photos in April, with the now rather optimistic prediction that the new bus would be put into service no later than Mid-May.

The new bus made for a good photo op
in April but Councillor Cunningham would like
to see the vehicle put into service sooner rather than later
The discussion on the airport shuttle theme comes up towards the end of Monday's City Council session, you can check into the conversation at the 51minute mark.

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