Thursday, June 2, 2016

School District 52 set to bid farewell to another group of retiring Teachers and Administrators

The month of June is not just the final stretch of time for many high school students heading to university, or other students counting down the days to summer vacation.

June also is the month where School District 52 offers recognition to those Teachers and Administrators that are preparing to retire, or have reached benchmark moments in their career in education with the District.

The School District will be hosting an evening of recognition and Appreciation on Monday evening to express its gratitude for the years of service to Education on the North Coast.

Those to be Saluted and the years of service upon their retirement from the School District include:

Joyce Dundas  39 years 
Rod Hikida 36 years 
Lisa Anderson 36 years 
Linda Hidika 35 years 
Mavis Glencross 35 years
Melvin Bishop 35 years
Marianne Wick 34 years
George Nielsen 33 years
Jamie Scott 32 years
Cary Dalton 29 years
Lauri Burgess 29 years
Jackie Kydd 27 years
Roger Woodruff 26 years
Pat Muldoe 26 years
Ellen Denluck 26 years
Marilyn Bryant 20 years
Theresa Lowther 19 years
Wendy Holkestad 12 years
Kathy Gomez 4 years

At the upcoming recognition evening, the School District will also celebrate the continuous service of 46 employees with Twenty five plus years, 11 with twenty five years, 9 with fifteen years and 12 with five years of service.

The list of departing teachers, administrators and other staff members makes for 19, the largest number of those bringing their full time careers in education to a conclusion in recent years.

The list of 46 names with 25 plus years of service also indicates that there may soon be a significant shift in the ranks at SD52, as they too reach that period of time when retirement beckons.

That could make for a staffing concern for the years to come and is something that School District Administrators will have to keep in mind as they continue to direct education on the North Coast.

The Evening of Recognition and Service takes place on Monday, June 6th at the Lester Centre for the Arts starting at 7 PM.

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