Wednesday, June 1, 2016

SD52 to receive $123,861 from Provincial education Administrative redirection

Administrators at School District 52 will have close to an additional 125,000 dollars to work with in September as the Ministry of Education divides a 25 million dollar redirection of administrative savings back to the provinces School Districts.

The announcement of the redirected funding was made on Tuesday by Education Minister Mike Bernier, with the Prince Rupert School District share coming to $123,861.

The funding comes by way of an advisory from the province that provincial administration charges will not be collected by the British Columbia government for this year and that the School District can redirect the money towards front line services for students.

“Districts worked hard to reduce their administrative costs and we are pleased to be able to direct that $25 million back to programs and initiatives that will directly benefit the kids of B.C.” -- Education Minister Mike Bernier on the Province's redirection of administration charges for 2016-17.

The British Columbia Government is giving back $25 million
that it had previously cut from School District budgets

The full announcement from the Province can be reviewed here.

The Administrative charges funding announcement is the second significant redirection of money to the province's School Districts in the last month, on May 20th it was announced that School District 52 would receive $225,000 in provincial money from the province's education "fix-it" fund.

However for School District 52 receiving the additional money for the most part will balance off the recent notice that it would be losing over 220,000 dollars in Ministry funding after an enrolment audit.

It's worth observing that more than a few British Columbians have noted that the additional funding for education comes along as the province is about to enter the provincial election campaign.

Among those that have suggested a connection between the renewed interest in funding and the upcoming 2017 election was NDP Opposition leader John Horgan who issued a statement on the theme on Tuesday.

“This is not about Christy Clark doing what’s right for parents and kids, this is all about Christy Clark trying to make bad headlines go away until after the election."-- NDP Leader John Horgan with some thoughts on recent Liberal education funding announcements

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