Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hanjin Scarlet begins unloading process at Fairview Terminals

Stranded no more! The Hanjin Scarlet
made the move to Fairview Terminal
early this morning to begin
its unloading process
A day later than had been anticipated, the process of handling the cargo of the Hanjin Scarlet is now underway at Prince Rupert's Fairview Terminal.

The Prince Rupert Port Authority outlined the details of the unloading process through a media release today, noting that the vessel had left its anchorage at 6 AM and tied up alongside the Fairvew docks shortly after the transit through the harbour.

The Hanjin Scarlet had been anchored in Prince Rupert Harbour since August 30th, caught up in the financial moves that were taking place in Korea where the Hanjin line is based.

We outlined some of the background to those financial proceedings with this blog item from last Friday.

The ship had remained at anchor until today, with CN Rail and DP World, which operates the Fairview Terminal having established a process to accommodate the movement of Hanjin line containers through the Port and to points inland.

According to the schedule of movements for the Port of Prince Rupert another Hanjin vessel, the Hanjin Marine is expected to arrive at Triple island on September 11th.

More background on the conditions in place to facilitate that transfer of cargo can be found from the Port's information statement.

Further items related to the work of the Fairview Container Terminal can be found here. While items of interest on developments with the Prince Rupert Port Authority can be reviewed here.

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