Tuesday, December 6, 2016

BC Government looking to highlight Northwest roadside attractions

A Stop of Interest sign near Vanderhoof
Highlighting the Grand Trunk Railway,
The BC Gov't is looking to add 75
more signs in the year ahead
The Province of British Columbia is looking to increase the number of Highway road signs that make up the Stops of Interest inventory, markers which provide a bit of history for travellers as they make their way along the highways of the province.

The province currently has 164 of the highway signs in place to this point and with the new initiative is looking to add an additional 75 to the inventory.

Towards that goal, the Transportation Ministry wants your help in finding attractions that might be worth inclusion on the list.

The submission period opened in late September and the final month for suggestions comes up in January, 2017 with January 31st the final day for you to share the attraction you believe should be included as part of the program.

The Stops of Interest program is accepting submissions for such elements as Celebration of a Person, Showcase of a Location or Recognition of an event.

Included in the online submission form is a section to expand on why you think the Stop you have in mind is one that should be considered and you can also upload a photo to help make your case.

So far to date, the Province has received 88 submissions for the 75 openings on their expanded list.

You can offer up your location/attraction through this Suggestion Form

There are three North Coast Stops of Interest listed in the BC data base

The chances of a Northwest submission being accepted would seem to be pretty good, so far the database of Sign Locations includes only Three listed for the North Coast.

One for Inverness Cannery and two that are currently being updated, one along the Skeena and the other for Metlakatla.

Todd Stone, the Minister of Transportation for the Province of British Columbia provided the short introduction to the project.

For those that may be making a road trip over the holiday period ahead, the full inventory for the signs across the province can be found here.

Further background on the Stop of Interest program can be found here.

More items related to tourism in the Northwest can be found on our archive page.

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