Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Council makes Board Appointments official at Monday Session.

Monday was announcement night at Prince Rupert City Council, as the city's councillors released information from a closed session of January 9th which appointed a number of city residents to the Library Board and the City's Business Advisory Task Force.

After a call for nominations and consideration of the applications of those who were interested, the City revealed those candidates who would serve on the two bodies.

Chelsea Keays and Glen Groulx were named as the city's representatives to the Prince Rupert Library Board which provides guidance to the city's public library.

Councillor Blair Mirau's Business Advisory Committee finally found some traction as well on Monday evening, as the City appointed six residents and left a space open for an appointment from the Chamber of Commerce.

Appointed to the Committee were Charmayne Carlson, Irene Mills, Marc Page, James Warburton, Brian Musgrave and Craig Outhet, with one space reserved to be determined by the Chamber of Commerce.

The announcement was published as part of the Agenda package for the February 6th session.

As part of that information, it was noted that Councillor Joy Thorkelson had expressed her opposition to the appointment motion, though during the course of the Monday evening public session she offered no explanation as to what her concerns might have been.

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