Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Councillor Cunningham raises concerns over potential health service losses should the status of Terrace hospital change

Councillor Cunningham has raised some
concerns over potential service changes
for Prince Rupert should the status of
Mills Memorial in Terrace be upgraded
to that of a Trauma centre
With a push on for a significant upgrade to health care for Terrace, Councillor Barry Cunningham used Monday's City Council session to raise his concerns that Prince Rupert remain vigilant.

Noting that the community needs to ensure that the  current level of service is not impacted by any expansion at Mills Memorial in Terrace.

As we noted on the blog last month, Terrace officials have launched an extensive information campaign which includes studies and a petition related to the initiative to improve health care in the Terrace area.

One element of their campaign has been the delivery of a glossy pamphlet to area homes, including those in Prince Rupert, explaining their ambitions and calling for support for their cause.

That pamphlet also caught the attention of Councillor Cunningham who warned that should the Terrace organizers find success in having Mills Memorial designated as a Trauma Centre, the impact on Prince Rupert could be extensive.

While noting that he was in full support for improved health facilities in the Terrace region, he did offer up a cautionary note, highlighting his fears that such a designation would result in a consolidation of regional health care in Terrace, resulting in loss of services for Prince Rupert.

Pointing to the prospect of significant growth for Prince Rupert as major projects come on stream, Cunningham suggested that it would be the North Coast that would see the most growth in the future for the region and how keeping medical services here was an important element of that growth.

As part of his warning on the issue, Councillor Cunningham issued a call for both Jennifer Rice the current MLA for the North Coast; as well as any candidates that may be seeking to replace her at the Legislature to step up and make their voices heard about the protection of health services for the community.

You can review Councillor Cunningham's full commentary from our City Council Timeline.

The presentation can also be viewed as part of the City's YouTube Archive page, the comments come as part of the closing minutes of Monday's City Council Session starting at the one hour, fourteen minute point.

More notes on the Mills Memorial campaign can be found on our North Coast Health archive.

Further information from City Council can be reviewed form our City Council Discussion page.

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  1. Not only will this affect Prince a Rupert but also all outlying communities including Haida Gwaii. So far the TAPS medical forms for travelling the ferry are helping to offset the costs of medical attention for those that can't afford to fly to Vancouver, and often there's inexpensive options in Prince Rupert to help out. But if we are all forced to go to Terrace for services previously offered in Rupert our costs will go up dramatically, not to mention the increased travel time.