Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Tuesday Incident outside of CityWest building results in closed offices, streets in downtown area

Emergency Responders were called into action late in the afternoon on Tuesday, as an accident outside of the Prince Rupert offices of CityWest resulted in a gas leak in the immediate area.

The incident led to the evacuation of the CityWest offices and resulted in the closure of streets in close proximity to the scene.

The background to the incident is provided in a short update posted to the CityWest Facebook page, with CityWest thanking the responding personnel from the RCMP and Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue for their work on the situation.

As workers from Pacific Northern Gas responded to the gas issues situated behind the CityWest offices, traffic along 2nd Avenue West was being re-routed away from the area near 7-11 and the Ocean Centre mall.

A accident near the CityWest building resulting in a gas leak led to the
evacuation of the CityWest offices and the closure of 2nd Avenue West on Tuesday

By the end of the supper hour the all clear had been issued and traffic had returned to normal through the city's downtown core.

You can find more information about Northwest Emergency response files from our archive page here.

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