Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Prince Rupert radio position reportedly filled, amid cross Canada cuts from Bell Media

EZ Rock Prince Rupert is still making
use of Terrace programming for the
audience on the North Coast
It's been over one month now since original programming beamed, or streamed out of the Cow Bay studios of EZ Rock in Prince Rupert, with no indication from Bell Media Northwest when the microphones will be turned back on locally.

Though if yesterday is any indication, they may have had a few other things on their mind of late, other than sharing the news if they have filled a spot at a distant radio station in the Northwest corner of British Columbia.

Yesterday, Bell Media cleared out the offices of a number staff members at over twenty four media properties that they operate across Canada, with some of the most recognizable names in Canadian radio and television among the latest in job cuts in an industry that has been facing some very tough times in recent years.

One of the reasons cited for the large scale layoffs is the CRTC's regulations including  ruling on Super Bowl ads, which Bell says has meant reduced revenue for the company.

Bell Media cites CRTC Super Bowl ad policy as a factor in latest round of layoffs
Bell Media cutting jobs
Bell media lays off employees Canada-wide amid restructuring

Locally, EZ Rock continues to offer programming coming from their Terrace studios for listeners in Prince Rupert. However that may soon be about to change with a short notice from the Bell Media jobs page that indicates that as of January21st the position had been filled.

There is no indication on the EZ Rock Prince Rupert website as to when Bell Media plans to return to local programming for the region.

That means that for the moment, the only locally produced radio programming in Prince Rupert comes out of the CBC Daybreak North studios, where Carolina de Ryk co-hosts the CBC's two and half hour morning information show from 6 to 8:30 sharing the news flow with Robert Doane in Prince George.

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