Friday, September 8, 2017

Application under review for amendment to Wind power project proposed for Port Edward area

The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations is in the process of considering an application from Bridge Power Hydro Developments,  to amend their application for a wind project in in the area of Port Edward, Smith Island and Inverness Passage.

In their application to the Ministry, Bridge Power notes that they are working on behalf of Invenenergy, a global energy provider, with Bridge serving  as the local contact on the proposed wind power development on the North Coast.

The amendments are tied into an application previously made October of 2015 and asks for consideration of an expansion to more than 5,000 hectares, as part of their submission to the Ministry they outlined some of the activities that they plan to engage in during their Investigative planning stage.

Bridge Power offered up the Invenenergy check list of past, current and future initiatives as part of their Investigative work on the potential development:

Conduct a site visit to assess the topography, terrain, and condition of equipment. (completed)

Undertake maintenance and possible replacement of MET masts. (ongoing/completed)

Remove any equipment that is no longer needed on site.

Conduct a construction assessment by determining the best locations for roads, turbine pads, borrow pits, overburden storage, laydown areas and other components. (underway/ongoing)

Complete a resource analysis to effectively model the site to best understand turbine placements and other site dynamics. (underway/ongoing)

Based on the foregoing, identify the boundaries of the lands (the “GALOO Area”) that will subject to the licence of occupation that will replace the IL in due course. It is expected that certain areas currently within the IL Area will be excluded from the LOO Area, while other lands not currently within the IL Area will be included within the LOO Area. The LOO Area is not expected to exceed 5,000 hectares.

Once they have completed those tasks, the process of seeking an environment assessment evaluation will get underway, among some of the elements towards that include:

Submit the Project into the BC Environmental Assessment Process for review and approval if market conditions are favourable.

Continue consultation with First Nations.

Seek out a License to Cut from MFLNRO to be applied for in advance of any new MET Mast installation or modifications for tree clearing activities (if necessary).

The Map below highlights the areas to the east and south of Port Edward that the investigative work will take place at.

You can review the full documentation related to the work ahead here.

More background on the process involved can be found here, the Ministry notes that comments related to the proposed work are being accepted from the public until September 30th, you can make your contribution to that process here.

The Invenenergy proposal is one of the first signs of progress when it comes to Wind Energy projects proposed for the North Coast you can review some of the past items of note over the last few years here.

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