Monday, September 11, 2017

Port of Prince Rupert continues to make gains with Calgary business community

The Port of Prince Rupert's Ken Veldman
has been busy sharing the success of the
port with industrial leaders in Calgary

(from Calgary Regional Partnership)
Friday's announcement of plans to develop a Marine Fuel Terminal on the Prince Rupert waterfront from the Calgary based energy supplier Wolverine Terminals, is just the latest indication of the growing awareness of the opportunities that the Port of Prince Rupert offers to the Alberta business community.

The Port's footprint in Alberta has continued to grow thanks to increased attention from many of the industries that make Calgary their head office location, with some of that increased attention generated through some recent initiatives from the Port with an Alberta economic group.

That organization, which is called the Calgary Regional Partnership has highlighted some of its work with the Port of Prince Rupert. With the organization raising awareness of that growing trade corridor, by hosting an event for the second year in a row that brought the Port and Alberta's industrial leaders together.

A video presentation that is included as part of their introduction to the Prince Rupert connection highlights some of their key impressions of how the Port and Alberta can continue to connect.

Among those offering up observations through the video overview include the Port's Ken Veldman, who provides some background on the growth of the port and the opportunities that are offered through its North Coast facilities.

Among some of the themes they continue to explore are how to make better use of the empty containers that currently travel through Alberta on their way to Prince Rupert for the return trip to Asia, with the Calgary group putting a focus as to how the Southern Alberta economy could benefit from those opportunities.

The way these empty containers can be used to boost the Southern Alberta economy is to fill them with agricultural products and other commodities and goods in demand in Asia Pacific markets.

The reach of Canadian National Railway is also explored as part of the Calgary backgrounder, making note of the significant investment that CN has made in the Calgary area through a recently expanded Logistics Park that offers the capacity for those in the Southern Alberta economy to connect with Prince Rupert's gateway to the world.

The potential for expansion of the Fairview Container Terminal is just one area that the Alberta group  makes note of, with the recent introduction of refrigeration to the Port made note of as another area for Alberta industry to take advantage of.

The main focus for the Calgary Regional Partnership is to continue to build on the partnership and expand on the collaboration that has been put in place so far, with more plans ahead to take advantage of the opportunities that the Port of Prince Rupert has to offer.

You can review the full background piece to what they have in mind here.

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