Monday, December 4, 2017

Council to review 2018 Community Enhancement Grant distribution tonight

As we close in on the end of 2017, Prince Rupert City Council is putting the final touches in place as to how they will distribute the 2018 Community Grant funding and which organizations will be receiving some potentially welcome news for the year ahead.

As part of that process, Council will review a report from the City's Finance Department, which offers up some background on the impact of the grant funding and delivers recommendations for Council as to what form of financial award should be provided.

Tonight's meeting provides Council with a review of the requests for Community Grants and what the City's Finance Department has recommended as a course of action for each.

The report notes that the total amount of grants requested by Community Enhancement Grant applicants is $1,052,226.00 with $280,364 of that amount from new applicants and repeat applicants previously not funded. 

The report also reviews how separate funding agreements have been entered into with the Museum, Performing Arts Centre Society and SPCA in early 2017. As well, the city has pre-existing agreements with the Racquet Club and Golf Club all of which need to be taken into consideration.

The total funding amount that Council is to be made aware of from the report, is that this years requests come to a total of $1,1487,726.

The Schedule of Grant Application Requests includes the following organizations, with their level of their request and the recommendation to Council from the City's Finance Department

Repeat Applicants 

In Kind Request $950 -- Recommendation $950

Filipino- Canadian Association 
Cash Request $6,000  --- Recommendation $0

Guns N Hoses Charity Game
In Kind Request $675  -- Recommendation $400.00

Kaien Island Trail Enhancement Society
Cash Request $10,235  -- Recommendation $7,000

National Aboriginal Day Committee 
In Kind Request $5,000 -- Recommendation $2.500

Navy League of Canada Prince Rupert
Cash Request $10,852  -- Recommendation $9,000

Prince Rupert Community Arts Council
Cash Request $10,000 -- Recommendation $10,000

Prince Rupert Community Halloween Fest Society
Cash Request $6.000 -- Recommendation $6,000

Prince Rupert Curling Club
Cash Request $200,000  -- Recommendation $0

Prince Rupert Public Library
Cash Request $645,000 -- Recommendation $645,000

Prince Rupert Sakting Club
In Kind Request $1,650 -- Recommendation $1,500

Prince Rupert Special Events Society
Cash Request $35,000, 
In Kind Request $10,000 -- Recommendation $20,000

Prince Rupert Wildlife Shelter
Cash Request $6,000 -- Recommendation $6,000

Tourism Prince Rupert and Visitor Information Centre
Cash Request $31,500 -- Recommendation $16,000

New Applicants

Jazz Productions of BC
Cash Request $2,500 -- Recommendation $0

North Coast Immigration and Multicultural Services Society
Cash Request $5,000 -- Recommendation $0

Northcoast Artists Cooperative
Cash Request $10,000 -- Recommendation $0

Positive Prince Rupert - Civic Pride Society
Cash Request $5,000 -- Recommendation $0

Prince Rupert Hospice
Cash Request $5,000 -- Recommendation $0

Prince Rupert Rampage
In Kind Request $4,100  -- Recommendation $0

Prince Rupert Youth Soccer Association
Cash Request $41,000 -- Recommendation $0

Special Olympics BC Prince Rupert Chapter
In Kind Request $1,764  -- Recommendation $0

Council will also be appraised as to the level of their service agreement obligations towards five organizations or societies they include:

Museum of Northern British Columbia  $141,000
Performing Arts Centre Society  $125,000
SPCA $25,000
Racquet Centre  $8,500
Prince Rupert Golf Course  $135,000

The full documentation from the Finance Department can be reviewed below:
(click to expand)

The Recommendations are not the final word on what level of funding that Council will provide, or to where it will be distributed, Council members will review the report and chart their path forward on the issue moving forward from tonight's Council session.

The report concludes with the request of council to provide direction to staff as to which applicants will receive a Community Enhancement Grant and the value of each grant awarded, keeping in mind that the awarding of grants may necessitate an increase in taxes.

You can review more background on the Community Grant Requests from the agenda for this evenings Council session, the Finance Departments Report and review starts on page 10.

For more items of interest from tonight's Council session see our archive page here, a wider overview of City Council Discussion topics can be reviewed on our archive page.

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