Monday, December 4, 2017

Pembina LPG Terminal Project Development Permit Application up for discussion tonight

A conceptual drawing of the proposed Pembina LPG Terminal
to be developed on property leased at Watson Island

(from Prince Rupert City Council Agenda Package for December 4, 2017)

The first significant glimpse of what the proposed Pembina LPG Terminal project will look like will get a review tonight as Prince Rupert City Council reviews the Development Permit Application for the Watson Island site.

Council will hear a report from City Planner Zeno Krekic, which will recommend that City Council approve the Development Permit application from the Pembina Pipeline Corporation, which last week announced its plans to move forward with their LPG terminal project for the industrial site at Watson Island.

The Report will also provide an overview of what elements and features the terminal will include upon its completion.

A rail yard with rail car unloading equipment;  

Three storage spheres and two smaller storage cylinders; 

Compressors and pumps;  

An enclosed flare stack; 

Transfer pipe and a loading hose on the existing dock; 

A fire water tank; 

A control center; 

A new storm water containment pond; 

Other supporting infrastructure such as utility connections for power and water.

The Documentation includes a number of architectural concept drawings and schematic drawings of the terminal facility, as well as a site plan for the project, as well as a concept for the docking facility that will also be part of the terminal footprint.

The full report from the City Planner is available from the City's Agenda Package for the December 4th Council session it starts on Page 18

Site information and a conceptual drawing of the dock facility for the 
proposed Pembina LPG facility at Watson Island
(From the City of Prince Rupert Agenda Package for December 4 2017)

In addition to the City Planners report, City Council members will also review a report from the City's Financial Officer related to the City's 2017 Five Year Financial plan and how the leasing arrangements through the Legacy Corporation will require an amendment to that financial plan.

"Council has leased a portion of Watson Island to Prince Rupert Legacy Inc. (PRLI). PRLI is in negotiations to sublease a section. This transaction would change the status of the land from Inventory for Sale to a Tangible Capital Asset. Therefore an amendment to the 2017 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw is needed to recognize this change." -- From a Report to City Manager Robert Long from the City's Financial Officer related to the City's Five year financial plan

You can review that part of the discussion ahead for tonight from the City's Agenda starting at Page 50.

If any residents have comments related to the Amendment, they have until 4:30 today to deliver their comments to the City Hall service Desk.

You can find more items related to the Pembina LPG Terminal from our archive page here.

Further notes on tonight's City Council session can be found on our Preview page, while a wider overview of City Council Discussion topics is available on our archive page.

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