Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Northern Health reinforces flu policy for visitors to all facilities

Visitors to Prince Rupert Regional
Hospital will need to wear a mask
if they have not had a flu shot
With flu season upon us, Northern Health is reminding visitors to its facilities of its Annual Flu policy, which went into effect on December 1st.

As of the start of the month, all visitors to Northern Health facilities are asked to wear a surgical mask if they haven't received their annual flu shot.

The policy is part of the province of British Columbia's strategy to prevent the spread of flu and protect those who may be vulnerable for a potentially fatal infection.

Masks are available at nursing stations or reception desks at area facilities.

The policy is applicable to all patient care areas at all hospitals and long-term care facilities across the Northern Health service region. That includes the Prince Rupert Regional Hospital and Acropolis Manor.

The Northern Health mask policy
is also in place for those visiting
Acropolis Manor in Prince Rupert
Dr. Sandra Allison, Northern Health's Chief Medical Officer outlined the themes of the policy towards best patient care.

 “Patients and clients in hospitals and long term care facilities often have weakened immune systems that put them at greater risk of serious complications from influenza,” ... “The best way to protect not only yourself but the people around you is to get a flu shot, even if you’re normally a healthy individual.”

Northern Health also reminds residents of the region of the ongoing flu clinic program available across Northern British Columbia, you can review some of the options available on the North Coast from our blog item of November.

More background to the Northern Health policy for flu season can be reviewed here.

For more items related to Northern Health on the North Coast see our archive page here, a wider overview of Northern Health issues across the region is available here.

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